To me



As I sit here I wonder if I could write a letter tonight 

To send back in time I'd know just what to write   

Dear Wonderwall as you read this your gonna freak

So sit down and listen to these words I'm about to speak 


Your 15 and hard for you to think I'm you I am 

I need you to read this so you can better understand 

There's things I need you to never forget 

This is our chance to rid us of some regrets 


When you turn 21 your'll meet a girl called Shanelle

Who'll take you on a whirlwind trip to heaven and hell

She will ask you tenderly to call her that night

This is the only urge I'll ever ask you to fight 


She was worth the trouble there ain't no doubt 

It was just one debacle for us worth sitting out 

Just find an excuse to say why you couldn't call

It's better to say something than nothing at all


Your heart will taste it's first bite of love around eleven

Her eyes made of diamonds stolen from heaven 

She'll smile at you and you'll melt like ice 

She really was made from all things nice 


She'll tell you her name your'll blush and go shy

Find the courage and at least smile and say hi

Her name is jasmine it will haunt you forever

Forgetting her name is something your'll never


Take up guitar lessons or a musical instrument of sorts

Music always helps to write down your thoughts

Don't let time slip away like sand through the fingers

Regrets and missed moments will haunt and linger 


Your'll get bullied at high school but don't fret 

Just stand strong it's something you won't regret 

Your'll only grow stronger from what they say

It's something that's fuelled you to this day 


Oh yeah remember the words I say here 

Hiding down that mall in the barbers shop chair 

Was a brilliant move hiding from her dad

Who marched past the shop stemming mad 


Your'll hit rock bottom and say to your best friend

I think the time has come where our friendship ends

Your'll lose your girlfriend too on your way down

A solid year goes pass before you get off the ground


So don't change a thing but I do confess

Let it play out as it turns out for the best

Your'll reignite your friendship as time has it

I guess some friendships time just won't let quit 


You'll gonna have pets that stain your heart 

With memories and losing them will tear you apart

Don't be mad by not getting that job in your hometown

Trust me just around the bend another job is found


I know we don't like the host but go to that party

The regret of not knowing will hurt you and me

The first time around i told her showing up I might 

Our friends told me she waited for me all night 


So don't let Elise wait a second time around

Be late to the party and drive her into town

Take a walk on the beach barefoot and tender

Lean over and kiss her so she'll always remember 


At high school there's gonna be a tussle in the hall

A teacher grabs you and shoves you against the wall

He dislikes us for being a part timer to his class

I wish it was now cause I'd push back and kick his ass


Let it pass but you eventually see him in years to come

Tell him so he can remember what he done 

Then say you were only a boy but now a man

Get in his face and say try it now man to man


Don't let anybody stop you from taking the flight

Go overseas and soak up the many sights

Travelling to Canada and the U.S fulfilled a dream 

Giving you a much needed lift in life it seemed 


Your'll meet your first cougar when your 24 

Instead of running you should lock the door

She was harmless and beautiful waiting for a kiss 

When billy idol was playing the opportunity you missed 


She was the manager but what was the harm

She was lonely looking for adoring arms

That beer you shared you should of known

Take hold of the situation to where it was going 


At 28 your gonna crash your car into a pole 

Doing doughnuts when you lose control

You went go cart racing and in your own car

You thought it would be fun but pushed it too far 


Your best friend in the world will always be mum 

Listen to her stories while watching the setting sun 

Never miss the chance to tell her you love her 

Try to be a better man than what you ever were 


Time flys so fast boy! Try to live in each moment 

Time is undoubted a worthy opponent 

Utilise every waking minute with the people you love

I'm not sure reiterating this will even be enough 


Spend even more time with ya nana listening to Elvis 

She loved you sitting with her, those memories you'll miss

She always loved you like you know she did 

The love showed in her eyes that she never hid 


I know it's cliche even tho our hearts were burnt 

Just soak it in and better understand the lessons learnt

Never compromise the integrity of what makes you

Stay the man you were raised in what ever you do 


Tash was sweet so treat her heart better

Changing your life was the day you met her

She deserved more than a lousy phone call 

If only you gave her a chance to let down your walls


Later in life your'll come to think of it if to be unfair

She was one of few woman who really did care

So treat her heart with empathy and love

When you let her go don't be too rough


Your gonna get your own heart ripped out 

That's part and parcel of the game no doubt

Don't let it deter you just breathe and soak it in

When heartaches involved no one really wins


Don't trust a girl named Tracey she's bad news 

She playing a game in which you will only lose 

Elise well what happened there God only knows 

I guess with love that's the way it goes


Cougars and Cowboys well there's a history 

Intertwined together like a lingering mystery 

Never hesitate to stop and help all those who need it 

Your'll need help yourself don't be afraid to admit 


Your be young and naive and it ain't all bad 

Don't waste your time on what you never had 

It's in the small things where you will come to realise

That in life the beautiful things are in front of your eyes 


Just learn from life more than we did the first time

There's no mountain you face to big to ever climb

Never forget to stop and watch an evening sun set

Cherish all those along your trails that you've met


Be the man our mentor always wanted us to be 

If you don't want to do it for you do it for me 

I hope this letter inspires you to change some errors

I guess I'll see you the next time you look in the mirror

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Comments (8)

  1. morningafter7

    I love it, wonderwall! A letter from yourself to yourself; reminding you of all the good and bad and giving you some pointers along the way. This is very clever and an interesting exercise in perspective that we can all learn from. Great job!

    February 17, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      I nod my brim in respect as always, yes as I noted things down I did feel liberated to a point, yes it’s amazing the chronicles we all go through whether good or bad make up just who we are
      Thanks for the kind words much appreciated MA7

      February 19, 2017
  2. EyeVey

    This is an amazing write; poignant and wise.

    February 17, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Arrhhhh how are we?
      Thank you just ramblings from a mad man I guess thanks for taking the journey

      February 19, 2017
  3. macabre360

    Well I just don’t know what to say. In a word Breathless if I may. A true testimony of a lifetime in thought.
    We’d all do well to reflect, learn and be humbled by what and how our time here has played out and taught.
    Wonderwall this piece is of the best stuff this Old Bird has had the honor and pleasure to read.
    You are a extraordinary artistic soul and sage of your time Wonderwall79. Incomparable indeed.
    And may I add… You do your loved ones most proud. Good Show my man. Good Show.

    February 18, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Arghhhh black bird you dish up the best humble pie, just ramblings from out of my saddle bags as I guess we all do.!!
      It was indeed a trot down memory lane I must confess washed down with a cold glass of fondness and fist shaking but I wouldn’t exchange a thing I dare say, well maybe a tweak and a twist here and there.!!
      I hold you in the highest regard and always humbled by the kindness of your worlds, here’s to you BB I’ll toast tou you in goodwill to the feathered phenom that flies the skies

      February 19, 2017
  4. shadow-storm

    Looking back…what would we change?
    And why? Would changing the past improve our life?
    Maybe- but as for the past, perhaps it’s best
    that we can’t go back again
    Maybe it had to happen the way it did
    So we would learn to do & be better than we were then
    But oh, the ones we lost, and those we hurt-
    The pain of memories’ haunting is worse
    for knowing now what we couldn’t see then-
    life is too short to waste giving pain
    When we have a chance to love someone, don’t let it slip away
    When we can help or be there for a friend,
    Be there as long as needed
    And if we’d just live as now we’ve learned is best
    Maybe one day we’ll look back with no regrets…

    This was so heartfelt,
    your pulse flowed red & beat strong through your words
    and touched the hearts of we who heard…
    Such genuine expression is rarely as well put as you have done- well done, my friend!

    February 18, 2017
  5. wonderwall79

    Well SS you indeed have summed it up best, with each verse whether good or bad I embrace as you said it has shaped and moulded me into the cowpoke I am, yes at times it did hurt to recall especially those who have fallen, each lesson teaching me more about me than the actually incident.
    Reading these comments I am wiser than i was 10 minutes ago, which is why it’s said somewhere to always keep good company is to always keep a good life.
    I value your words more than you may know and I tip my hat indeed to you ma’am
    Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane

    February 19, 2017