The Rose

Sitting in my truck with a stomach full of nerves 

Praying I'll do justice for this speech I'm gonna serve 

With a few deep breaths I open up my van door

A feeling I've never ever felt like this before


A pretty red rose lays on my seat is all I could afford

It's now become the greatest commodity on board

Precious in its presence, it lays in anticipation 

As my heart beats in fits of procrastination 


The porch light is on indicating some one is home 

I'm taking a chance walking the gauntlet on my own 

I tremble and I stumble the closer I get nearer

Hidden behind my eyes is a stirring terror 


This speech I've gone over it a thousand times

Perfected each word, and remembered each line

This speech entrenched with empathy and love 

Hoping these words and this rose will be enough


With a climb up two steps I knock on the door

My life about to change like never before

Praying to God, that I can keep it all together

This moment will be etched into time forever


With the stalk in my hand I hold a pretty red rose

I'm scared and anxious and I know it shows

The door opens and slowly a figure appears 

A moment I never thought in all my years 


Our eyes meet like they have never before

Words unspoken as my rose falls to the floor

Seeing her like this my eyes can't help but reveal

Tears that have built up, that I'm unable to conceal


I shake my brothers hand, as he passes me the urn

Inside is our mentor her ashes lay from the burn

I nod my brim and it's written in our eyes

This time its really our last goodbyes 


I hold her ever so carefully with a gentle embrace

A lingering tear drop rolls off my face 

This urn I carry in my arms like she once carried me

I'll never understand how this came to be


Buried next to a memorial stone is where she'll lay

With us forever on our acre, with us everyday

I lower to one knee, and I know that she knows

Forever in our hearts, as I lay on top of her this rose 


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Comments (7)

  1. shadowstarz

    Oh… I can’t believe no comments were left about this heartfelt piece of writing. It’s beautiful and absolutely touching. 🎈🌞🌹

    October 18, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Howdy, not sure I’ve had the pleasure in meeting you before, however I am humbled with your words of kindness, thee honour is all mine mam thank you deeply

      October 19, 2016
  2. macabre360
    A very special piece my man. shadowstarz is right. I think starting in August is when this site was really messed up and me laptop dying on me and all. I think I did read this and related it to my own red rose and felt as you have at the end. Bein’ a touch burnt out I may have forgotten to return to pay my proper respects. That said. I want you to know that there’s a special rose somewhere who appreciates this piece in a very special way.

    Top Notch Caballero. Top Notch.

    October 29, 2016
  3. wonderwall79

    I don’t have the words black bird, my deepest respect as always, your words always humble an old cowpoke
    I humberly lower my hat o er my heart and extend a hand shake to thee, I’m indebted to your kind soul me feathered friend.
    There will always be a spot around my campfire for you good sir!!

    October 30, 2016
  4. sandrawshah

    I think tis poem is really speaking about the heart feelings of many people.the words are really very beautifully choosen by the writer.I like to share it with all my friends.visit for more info.

    November 14, 2016
  5. shadow-storm

    How can it be
    That the most eloquent words of such pathos & beauty
    can only come from the greatest tragedies?

    Again I’m moved with empathy
    this life can be so cruel it seems
    Not just to you or me,
    yet our common sorrows’ sympathy
    may give each who knows its cruelty
    A softer heart if when we see
    how much alike we are (humanity)
    And so I stay a silent moment in solidarity-
    Head bowed, here still to honour their memory
    Our lives- lived well despite losses mourning
    become a living monument of their legacy….

    The best of words they deserve
    and I wish these were better
    yet from heart & soul they flow,
    never truer in sincere intent from aching hearts’ depths sent
    set forth in our lines’ best genuine expression & sentiment
    In Tribute to yours I pen
    Bow head once more in respect
    Another moment in quiet spent-
    Then so shall this rhyme end…


    Thank you for sharing your glimpses of life in & between lines, friend.

    November 26, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Tis what you say is true!!
      I sit most nights around me campfire pondering what’s life really about, where we are heading to or fro, with whom or without.!!
      The answer eluding me like a wild mustang yet I chase down hunches or notions yet the chase is more educational then the find.!!
      Your kindness knows no bounds mam and I’m humbled by the time you spent to convey your thoughts and feelings.
      Truly I am humbled for words.
      In my world of the Wild West your’ll always have a place around my campfire such as few in this place
      Nodding my hat in eternal respect my friend as I sit here enriched by your words as I whistle Dixie and drink me whiskey

      November 26, 2016