The Rogue ( Part 2 )


The Rogue part two
Months have passed since their brush with the law
They need money more than ever before
So they pull a wanted poster off the notice board
The Rogue having eyes for only the reward
The girls are divided with the Rogues idea
Especially the waitress as she sheds a tear
The one on the wanted poster has helped her before
She owes him her life the one they call the Outlaw
The Rogue has no feelings and pulls rank
She says they ain't experienced enough to take a bank
This is the only way to ensure their survival
It's all that's remotely viable 
The waitress disagrees and says he's one of the good guys 
The Rouge Jezebel trusts no man and their lying eyes
She rallies them up and tells the waitress
Never trust a man and to remember this
Trusting a man weakens the mind
Letting you down every time
So let's go collect this bounty prize
Show that woman can be just as good as the guys
They pull their reigns and climb down
Arriving in a sleepy little town
Leaving their horses at the manger 
They're looking for a stranger
Their only clue is an old photograph 
Black n white and creased in half
A wanted poster that captures time
Of a man they need to find
One million dollars to child,woman or man
Capture or kill who nobody can
He's as elusive as a white unicorn
Been that way since he was born
The U.S. marshals for years have been on this case
With flavour of defeat has been all they can taste
They've hired bounty hunters from all over the globe
To search, hunt , kill or probe
Still no man has ever found the one they are looking for
Some say he's long dead the one they call the Outlaw
The tales of his legend spread far and wide 
As growing numbers of simple folk take his side
For he robs from crocked land barons and gives to the poor
Which is why the U.S. Marshals can't find him any more 
Small town folks hide him amongst their own 
Showing him their respect and giving him a home
The Rouge realises that they could never get that close
To the Outlaw as it would be like chasing a ghost 
She changes plans and decides to rob a train
The girls are up in arms calling her insane
The girls themselves are wanted but need to keep a low presence 
So no one in town at all knows of their existence 
A reputation that they earned 
By escaping the law they've learned 
To wear trench coats and hoods in town
To be two steps ahead of all those around
They gather supplies and ride to their hideout 
Constantly looking over their shoulders for a scout
They train and they fight and they learn their trade
For soon the local train will have an inevitable raid
Wanted in over 4 states for petty crimes along the dixie plains
As they plan their biggest heist to loot a senators train
Told of riches and treasure of imaginable worth
The greatest pot of gold on gods green earth.
The Rogue insists this is the time to rob the holy grail 
As most of the army and marshals are on the outlaws trail
So the girls prepare for the heist of a lifetime 
So set their trap in the morning around nine
The Nun and Waitress attack the train from the right 
As the Rogue and the Wife take the left 
with their might
The Rogue and the Wife climb atop of the carriages one by one
They see the locomotive ahead and quickly make a run
They tie up the driver and slow it down 
All the while scouting for lawmen all around
The Wife stops the train and unhooks the last carriage 
Ambushed by lawmen in a cross fire barrage 
The Nun is wounded hiding under the train wheels
The Rogue forced to fight ,with both her guns raining down steel
Lawmen are killed in this bloody show down
But there's too many as they move to surround
The young Waitress was shot two times one in the arm and shoulder
As she fell from the train shot by a man who wasn't much older
The Nun saw the calamity and had no choice but to give in
The Wife is out of ammo and realises they can't win
The lawmen have captured the Wife, the Waitress and Nun 
They tell the Rogue it's over there's nowhere to run
The Rogue Jezebel takes hostage a high ranking officer
Tells them to let the others go in exchange for her
"If they don't the last thing the officer will feel"
"Is a bullet in the head, now do we have a deal?"
The three woman are pardoned and they are free to go
As the Rogue Jezebel is apprehended and put on death row
The Nun, the Waitress and the Wife
Try to find help to save the Rogues life
They ask around and try to form a makeshift gang
Trying to plan an escape for the Jezebel before she hangs
Down on their luck and killing their somber mood with drinks
When all of a sudden the waitress springs to life and thinks
There's only one thing left to do before it's too late
To find the Outlaw and change the Rogue Jezebels fate
There she stands on the gallows with the noose around her throat
The crowd throwing rubbish and insults at her as they gloat 
Her life flashes before her eyes memories when she was a child
Recalling times of loss and poverty and how she was exiled
For her father killed her mother and told her to take the blame
She was only an adolescent who was forced to shelter his shame
He told her he'd gone to prison and she'd be on her own
She'd only get 2 years and then she could come back home
2 years passed and not once did he visit
Making up excuses that sounded so legit
Beaten,and tortured every single day
Corrupt guards having their way
Then one night it was all too much
She could no longer stand their grubby touch
She killed all five men and set the prisoners free
Setting the prison on fire running into the night to flee
Across the border she came and made it back home
There was nobody there she was all alone
She learnt over time to defend , fight and steal
Doing what it takes , to find her next meal
She tracked her family down 
They'd moved to a small town
Her only sister was doing jail time as a small petty theft
Things hadn't changed much since the Jezebel left
Her baby sister taking the blame for their alcoholic father
He used them like pawns ever since the loss of their mother
The Rogue caught up with their father and told him straight
They had words before she sealed his fate 
Standing here now ready to meet her maker 
She understands why justice is about to take her
She's done some pretty awful stuff
Someone upstairs must of thought is was enough
Sometimes when you live by a sword 
It's appropriate you'll die by a sword 
She'd hoped in some way she's changed the world 
Especially of that for the three other girls
So she closes her eyes for the last time 
In her pockets for the ferryman are two dimes
As the lever is pulled the trap door is sounded 
She closes her eyes within seconds her body is grounded
Filled with emotions that she can barely cope
She looks around and realises someone has shot the rope
As she struggles to comprehend 
That her life hasn't come to an end
There in the distance a silhouette figure of a horse and man
It's the outlaw who has come to help which she'll never understand
He pulls down his brim and nods without a word to say 
This man that has given back her life for a debt she can't repay
Within seconds the town is flooded by a stampede
Raging cattle everywhere as she escapes on a stead
The Wife, The Waitress and the Nun help her to hide
As the stampede eventually subsides
They hide and lay low until the fall of dark
As they scatter into the night like sparks
She can't help but thank her girls for their support 
Putting their own lives at risk of being court
She broke down in tears thanking the Waitress 
No one has ever done something for like this
She said she's never trusted anyone before
She'd trust no man not even the outlaw
That has all changed now from today
She'll repay them all back somehow someway
But tonight they'll drink and be merry
For one night forgetting to be weary
For tomorrow they will again be fugitives on the run
The Rogue Jezebel, the Wife, the Waitress and the Nun  
TO BE CONTINUED .....................

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Comments (5)

  1. macabre360

    Magnificent. You’ve got one hell of a tale here wonderwall79. I knew they were gonna cross paths these ladies I adore with the stealthy outlaw in time. I’m more than clad you found this place and I’m proud to see your progress.
    I don’t know what you were doin’ B4 here but you have most certainly moved to the head of the class. I hear and well for myself good things about you. A cowpoke and a jester of a fine degree. Your the real deal mister as we all can see. With reverence I applaud thee.

    January 20, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Arghhh black bird you humble this cowpoke , perhaps it is the company I keep
      I’m not sure where I was truth be told I was so lost and entrenched in the prairies it was only then I was found.
      Perhaps Tis I who was the fortunate one to stumble across this thoughts saloon
      Again I nod to you with the upmost respect friend

      January 20, 2016
      1. macabre360

        Just a mutual recognition of one caballero to another on this dusty trail we drift upon..

        January 20, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Argh indeed my friend and happy to have crossed paths

          January 20, 2016