The Rogue (Part 1)

Born a gunslinger a renegade

From broken promises made

She'll kill a man in his boots
Better than any man shoots
She's been on her own
Surviving alone
She's stronger than she knows
Leaving a trail of death where she goes
These two guns are her best friends
With whom she trusts and depends
Locked and loaded by her side
She ain't no mans bride
Mistreated and misunderstood
Been a victim longer than anyone should
Sitting at the poker table tonight 
A man seated just to her right
Doesn't know he has a date
Her two barrels choosing his fate
The story goes deep into the wee hours of last night 
He walks into his hotel room and starts a fight
Having lost his hand in poker
Grabbed his wife an woke her
Took out his frustrations 
Which ended in a bad situation
His wife hasn't shown her face 
He left blood stains on her lace
Tonight comes and he walks in the room
Again drunk and bitterly consumed
He pulls back the blankets in haste 
Two barrels loaded is what he faced
8 shots echo down the hall 
As he's blown back through the wall
This rogue Jezebel has one last touch 
She unloads rounds straight at his crutch
Off they go the rogue and the wife
She's gonna give them a better life
Two county's away they stop to rest
It's a mans world in the Wild West 
So the rogue trains the wife to shoot
In coming days they'll have to loot
Cause it's money they need to survive
In these harsh times to stay alive
As they hit the trail in search
They come across a stone church 
They sneak around it's edge
And climb up its ledge
Into a window they squeeze 
And move like a gentle breeze 
Through hallways and doors
Watching for squeaky floors
Searching for shelter or food
Survival is there mood
What they hear inside is a muffled sound
Coming from doors leading to the underground
They slowly step their way down the stairs
Covering each other's back with care 
The muffled sound has become a cry
As they shimmy closer to pry
Then through a crack in the wall 
The rogue and wife see it all
The priest has staked up an bound three nuns
Hanging off crosses two are dead all except one
As he walks to the nun naked an willing
The rogue has eyes for killing 
The doors are ripped viciously back
As she starts her deadly attack 
The wife grabs the nun down
Helps her back to the ground
She takes the nun and flees
Hearing only the priests pleas 
" Please my child she was evil "
" She was speaking with the devil "
The rogue says " father forgive me "
" In hell is where you ought to be "
She pulls the trigger unleashing fury
She's now the judge and jury
With her signature touch 
She's left ammo for his crutch 
Off they ride the rogue the wife and nun
Through towns and counties until they don't know anyone
Into a town they slowly ride
To a side street hotel to reside
Feeling weak and tired they stay 
But for only one day
The rogue goes out to find some grub
As she stumbles across an Irish pub
In she walks this jezebel renegade
Through the crowd she wades
Makes her way to the barman
Asks to find the kitchen hand
Orders 3 steaks an 3 eggs over easy
The cook a big bald man grubby an greasy
He's barking orders and hitting on the waitress
Touching her in places like she's his
The waitress so young and shy
Is being prodded from every guy
The rogue in disgust waits for her meals
As she waits some patron cops a feel
Within a heartbeat she spins him around
Throws a jab which knocks him down
She grabs his balls in a tight bunch
To where you could almost hear them crunch
The guy squeals in a high pitch eek
Barely able to even speak 
She yells "the next time you touch down there"
"I promise after I'm done you won't have a pair" 
With that said she storms out the door
As the waitress stands in awe
She's inspired by this act of defiance
As she dreams of making an alliance
She tears off her apron and throws it down 
About to walk out but grabbed from the ground 
From the man that copped a feel
Her innocence he's about to steal
He grabs her by the arms and his hands are everywhere 
The crowd is cheering at the waitress's despair
The patron starts to pull down her top
The waitress begging for him to stop
Then through the doors comes hell
In the shape of this rogue Jezebel 
She tells the waitress to come here
Then points her guns at the mans pair
He pleads in total desperation 
She replies " give them my commiserations "
Pulls the triggers and unloads her barrels clean
Then in the chaos and confusion she flees the scene
Together they run into the darkness of the night
With townsfolk and the law pursuing insight
Scurrying down alleys and escaping down side streets
Using shadows as their cover as they try to be discreet
Finally they make it to the hotel where the wife and nun rest
They scamper into the room having outrun the towns best
There's commotion in the room as they learn what was done
But it's all too late now their hideout has been sprung 
20 men surround the hotel front rear and side
Waiting for the sheriff on what he will decide
" Come out of their now " the sheriff roars
" Your under arrest for breaking the towns laws"
The sound of windows breaking as the woman show their steel
This gunfight just got a whole lot real
The rogue yells " It was self defence "
For that scumbags offence 
The sheriff said " maybe so " but your up for murder
It's only you who we'll put in the slammer
Come quietly and the other girls can go free 
I'm gonna give you till the count of three
Just as the sheriff starts his count
The rogue Jezebel steps out
Within minutes she's apprehended
As too his words were condescended  
He captures the other girls all except one
The wife was caught hiding and so too the nun.
The waitress fled through the back door
Escaping in the shadows before they ever saw
Needing help she ponders what to do 
If only there was someone she knew
She takes cover in an abandoned house
Praying and hoping she can think of something else
She recalls a time when she was seventeen 
A man helping her that's haunted her dreams 
What he done for her she'll be  forever in his debt
In his eyes there was a sweet sadness she can't forget
She felt a connection with that handsome stranger
She knows written all over him was danger 
But where he is no one knows 
Or so the legend goes
Hungry and tired she carries on through the night
Making a promise to herself to make this right 
For its guilt she feels that has cost her friends 
For saving her she must make a mends
So she travels to the next town 
Asking for help all around 
She sits in a bar alone and defeated
Then with a man she's confronted 
It's the deputy to the sheriff who has her friends
" what you do next it all depends"
" If you live or die " he said
In 24 hours your friends are dead
He grabs her violently and drags her out
As she yells and screams, kicks an shouts
In the streets the deputy picks her up by her hair 
As on lookers helplessly watch an stare
The deputy laughs and mocks the beaten waitress 
As she makes one last gasp in a state of distress
"Somebody please !!Please"
But no one responds to her plea
The deputy laughs and yanks her head back with her hair
Telling her " I'm the only law around here "
"So tonight your gonna be my whore"
"Cause like I said I'm the law"
He ties her up and try's to force 
The waitress on the back of his horse
With reins in hand he turns to leave
There in the streets he can't believe
The rogue Jezebel the wife and the nun
With six shooters and a loaded shotgun
The rogue says "no sudden movement" 
" Or its hell where your be sent".
She cuts the ropes off the wrists of the waitress
Takes the ropes and puts it around his
The waitress cries with such jubilation
As the bound deputy suffers humiliation 
They take him out to the badlands 
Drop him off still tied by his hands
They strip his clothes and leave him bare
Joking by saying " It must be cold out here "
They fall over each other laughing so much
The waitress pointing at his tiny crutch
You said you'd treat me like a whore
Something that small should be against the law
"You bitches will pay for this mark my words "
They say don't worry about us, your problem are the birds
They'll circle you for days at a time
Waiting to plot their act of crime
They'll swoop viciously down
Knocking you too the ground
But don't worry yourself sick
They won't like your needle dick
The girls are back together for the first time 
About to pursue a life of crime 
Robbing trains and banks helping the poor
Shootouts and going up against the law
Together they ride into the setting sun
The rogue Jezebel, the wife, the waitress and the nun
TO BE CONTINUED .............


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Comments (18)

  1. starsinhereyes


    December 20, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahaha thank you my friend always my pleasure

      December 20, 2015
      1. starsinhereyes

        You have a way these stories and they are just great

        December 21, 2015
        1. wonderwall79

          Well I appreciate that from someone as a word smith like yourself

          December 21, 2015
          1. starsinhereyes

            me a word smith hehehe no way , I just toss stuff together like a salad and voila hahaha thank you sweetie

            December 21, 2015
            1. wonderwall79

              haha you do more then toss words together lol
              I’m a weekend hacker so you must be a week day whizard haha

              December 21, 2015
          2. starsinhereyes

            week day wizard oh I like the sounds of that indeed you are far more then a weekend hacker mr

            December 23, 2015
            1. wonderwall79

              Hahah well I’m not so sure about that but I’ll take the compliment hahah, I meant me being more not you being a wizard hahah

              December 23, 2015
  2. aprilwrightmcpeak

    Wow!!! Amazing!!!!

    December 21, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha well thank you for reading my little fantasies always a pleasure

      December 21, 2015
      1. aprilwrightmcpeak

        I enjoy them! Great job!

        December 21, 2015
        1. wonderwall79

          Well your most welcome thank you as always that means a lot

          December 21, 2015
  3. morningafter7

    Killer story and poem, ww!! Sexy, funny, and just plain good! Some badass chicks for sure!!

    December 21, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      thank you MA7 yeah I wouldn’t mess with that Jezebel if you paid me too haha although something about a chick being badass does have its allure

      December 21, 2015
  4. cjb321

    Excellent. Looking forward to the sequel.

    December 21, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Thank you as always especially from a talented writer as yourself

      December 22, 2015
  5. This comment has been deleted
  6. macabre360

    Ok WW. So I wanted to take this one in nice and slow.
    You are by far and away one hell of a story teller you know.
    I can well see however the rest of this saga runs.
    Just by lookin’ at that rouge well shows.
    That she just can’t lose with that pair of guns.
    A really great yarn you have spun here my friend.
    I can see that this band with guns in hand.
    Will make along the way many a stand.
    Before they if ever come to a end.
    ~ ~ ~
    A Really Really Good Write wonderwall79. Mighty fine. Yes indeed. Mighty Fine.

    December 31, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Hey buddy, yeah you know me too well lol
      Just a different spin on the wagon wheel of justice.!!
      Your comments leave me humbled my friend
      I thank you as always for your comments
      They mean a lot they really do.!!
      Happy new year my friend right on the stroke of midnight
      I’ll raise my bottle to our friendship
      Happy new year black bird

      December 31, 2015