The girl with no name



She's an earth bound angel perfect smile, brown eyes

Her groomed hair blacker than the night skies

Her outer beauty is more than make up and clothes

She's that feeling when the ocean meets your toes 


She's the warmth of the sun in a winters morning

She's a lighthouse beacon giving the captain warning 

Like the quietness of a summers afternoon 

She's the soft light of a nights full moon


She's a soft weight with her head on your chest

With every moment you wanna be at your best

She's the match that lights your eternal flame 

An angel without wings that whispers your name


She's the warmth of a fire on a cold night

She's an earthly angel a heavenly sight

She's your favourite song on the radio

A sweet sugary rush like a moccachino


Like a memory she'll always remain in time

She's mesmerising like the wind in the pines 

She's a day at the beach sun, sand and surf

Like a gold nugget of imaginable worth


She's a slow dance that takes your breath away

She's the sunset when the night meets the day 

She's your favourite shirt you can't go without 

She's the ray of hope that cures your doubt 


Like a childhood memory of playing in the park

She's the lantern that lights your way in the dark

She's a rainbow full of colours after a storm 

She makes you feel there was a reason your born 


She's the warmth of a camp fire in a cold prairie 

She's priceless like a chest of gold a pirate buries

She's the anchor that keeps you from rough seas

She's the gentleness of a warm summer breeze


Your darkest inner demons she will tame

She's worth more than fortune or fame 

She's cleansing like a summers afternoon rain 

She's a beautiful mystery, she's a girl with no name.


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Comments (2)

  1. macabre360

    Ah wonderwall my good man. No grander nor more elegant a tribute can one bestow to one who may or may not be. To be inspired to compose such a testimony from ones heart to words so sublime. Is the mystery and desire of one soul to another. You are an artist dark plains drifter. May your brush and canvas never go idle.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paint on dark drifter, paint on… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    December 28, 2016
  2. wonderwall79

    Ah your spot on the money, I’ll drink to that my friend, to the bitter end.
    Your words resonate like a fine whiskey,.
    Tis a tribute indeed to a fictional or non fictional lone cowgirl that I may one day wrangle.
    Her beauty will pull me in, further than gun powder will blow me.!!
    Many thanks as I doff me hat as I trot through this thoughts saloon
    Thanks for winging by

    December 29, 2016