The Bus Ride


The Bus Ride
Our eyes meet on the bus
In that moment there's just us
You give me a little smile
As I walk up the aisle 
I take my seat across from you
Staring out the window at the view
I see your reflection looking at me
They say the best things in life are free
We are drawn to each other like an illusion
Daydreaming in our emotional confusion
Wondering if you feel the same as I do
Our eyes meet again and I see it in you
Your quietness is speaking to me 
I don't know what it is in me you see
We introduce ourselves and before we know it
She's laughing like a school girl from my wit
As the bus fills up over the journey 
She asks would you like to sit with me
We sleep , eat and laugh as the miles roll past
Knowing in time what we have won't last
She's like a habit I have to let go
Killing me softly and ever so slow
We tell our life stories through the night
Whispering like school kids with our cell phone lights
Sharing pictures and favourite places 
The many selfies with strangers faces 
Lending her my jacket as she sleeps
She jokingly says its hers to keep
She falls to sleep against the window pane
She's a picture of beauty driving me insane 
In this journey we are swept away
Both not knowing we'd fall this way
Feeling her soft skin on mine
I've transcended through time
Both getting drunk on laughter 
Dreaming of forever after
It's a whirlwind of emotions 
Like being lost in the ocean
It's the way she wakes me up at night
To make me witness unbelievable sights 
It's like your world is sitting right next to you 
An unexpected invitation to a party for two
Then comes the part of this trip I've been denying
I wish I could show her I was strong but I'd be lying 
She hesitantly says this is my stop
As I help grab her luggage from the top 
Both standing in the aisle like a fantasy 
I'm speechless with a touch of insanity
We exchange pleasantries and goodbyes 
With the unspoken words in our eyes
I know in time we will both move on 
How did something so right end so wrong
We hugged like I never had before 
Like I imagined couples did in the war
As the bus pulls away we watch each other through the window glass
What was in our hands has now become the past
She laughs and waves goodbye 
As I tremble and sigh 
I sit back down and stare where she sat
Giving anything to turn this bus back
Makes me wonder is there more than just one love for us
Or is all we get what I found on that bus 
I can still smell her perfume lingering in the air
I cheekily smile and close my eyes remembering her here
I think to myself in life we are all just on a bus ride
Travelling to different places no maps no guide
Some are here for a short trip some here for a long
All searching for a place to where we belong
Meeting strangers on the bus who we share our ride
They shape us, and change us from the inside
The ones we love will always stay with us
Until it's time they have to leave the bus 
So make peace with whoever your sitting next too
Cause you never know the next stop just might be you.
By Wonderwall 
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Comments (6)

  1. lenny143


    January 15, 2016
  2. macabre360

    Buses. Planes, Ships and Trains. How the destinies of souls for just a moment share in each others lanes.
    Bravo WW. Bravo.

    January 20, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Yes indeed my friend , I’m not sure how this post was reposted as the bus ride part 2 post was the new chapter that I wrote !!!!
      Perhaps a whiskey on the rocks is what I need

      January 20, 2016
      1. macabre360

        and hold the rocks… lol

        January 20, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Hahaha arghhh a straight shooter
          Those are the best gunslingers … Haha

          January 20, 2016