Sentimental Me

Sentimental Me 
A few years back my closet I was cleaning out
When I stumbled across an old shoebox I had forgotten about
As I carefully placed the box and removed the lid
There were memories of yesteryear 
I forgot I hid 
It was full of trinkets, cards and things from my past
As I slowly sifted through these memories that were hitting fast
There was an old love letter in a red envelope 
She was someone very special that I had always hoped
We could make it back to each other some day
Although perhaps she's the one that got away
Then there was a bouquet of a single red rose 
What happened there God only knows
I'm not sure why I kept it maybe to symbolise a time
When she came up to me with friends and said your mine
Then as I slowly delved deeper into the shoe box I unexpectedly found
A possession that grabbed my emotions as I began to unwound
She was my first real relationship and my first time 
She was a pretty native girl who would learn loving me was a crime
As I held that possession in my hand it aroused my senses
She was the first of very few to bring down my defences 
I guess some people are meant to be with someone
Then there are some like me restless with no one
I was barely out of my teens it was my first real job
Winter was here so I thought I could make a few bob
I walked through the doors of that packing shed
Looking around for this will be my job for the months ahead
As I looked around at all the other workers in the room 
There in the background was a young girl pushing a broom
She was pushy and polite drizzled with attitude
Wild and reckless sprinkled with a hint of rude
She was working with her friend always giggling and gawking
They'd cover their mouths with their hands to pretend they weren't talking
Sometimes I'd catch her glancing my ways
As this routine went on for quite a few days
Then on a morning break she was handing out sweets
A little perk from the bosses who just sit on their seats 
Then the bowl came around and to eventually me 
I said " no thanks" she smiled and said "they're free"
She handed me two and a smile rolled from her lips
I tried to play it cool but my heart was doing cartwheel flips
It's funny how just a couple of words exchanged 
Can turn a moment into a memory where everything is changed
From that moment on she'd flirt as she walked past 
Handing out the sweets making sure I was last
Which I think gave her a little more time with me
As each round came a question she'd  ask of me
They were little ones at first like you'd say to a stranger
Then came slightly harder ones flirting on danger
I remember one time this song came on the radio
She mimed the whole thing giving me a show
I done my usual routine and acted like a clown
If only for just a minute her smile is what I found  
She began to get more brazen as the days went on 
Workers looked at me as if I had done something wrong
It wasn't till a few weeks later when a mate said "you ought to know "
As he continued to say " that's the bosses daughter bro"
My heart felt like it was drowning in a pit of despair 
Without any life jackets or any rescue flares 
I was lost in her love I could have easily drowned
I was so lost in her eyes I thought I'd never be found
She was my calm waters in a raging storm 
She was a winters fire smothering me ever so warm
That summer we fell in love with one another's heart
Painted into each other's lives like time worn art
I remember taking her hand and putting it in mine
That first slow kiss we were lost to father time
As I slowly removed her hair tie letting her hair fall
Pounding hearts as we were about to lose it all 
Her supple lips on my skin
A feeling deep within
She slowly took off my shirt as she kissed my chest 
Her hands running down my back to a small crest
As I took my hands and unbuttoned her top
I slid it off and over her head watching it drop 
Her shy smile as she looks deep into my eyes as if to hide her nerves
Not truly realising the beauty of her womanly curves 
Peppering her shoulders and neck with soft meek kissing
Realising all these years this is what I've been missing
Her body pressed up against mine smirched in her perfume
All my senses at her mercy of being consumed
She takes her hands and unzips my blue jeans
Unknowing my excitement and what it means
I slid my hands to the buttons on her denim shorts 
As I feel her emotions running wild and out of sorts
The way she touched by body I'll never forget 
Her hands so soft and tender like velvet
She takes my hand and we move to the back seat of my car
Taking our passion this time a little too far 
The way she looked into my eyes a feeling of meant to be 
A treasured moment meant only for her and me 
One thing I know is nothing could hold a candle close to her
To this day a smile runs across my face for the way we were 
Till sunset we were laying on a blanket in the sand
In each other's arms I was thinking how a boy became a man
We lasted only that summer before we said goodbye
To this day I can't remember the reason why?
We were wild and reckless and done things I'll never forget
That summer will always belong to a time I'll never regret 
As I sit here and write this ditty I'm overwhelmed by a feeling 
I wish I could thank her for she was the reason my heart was healing
She done what few ever have and nearly had me saying
"Would you marry me" but not all of me was convinced on staying
My head and heart was sure she was all I would need
But deep down inside my core is an untamed tumbleweed
Mixed with gypsies blood and forever roaming afar
Never willing to settle born under a wandering star
Even to this day I love her so
But she'll never know
Just what effect she had on me
Or the man I turned out to be 
But in life's journey you take a piece of everyone you meet
From unknown strangers, to the goodbyes and the ones you greet
If your smart enough they'll shape mould and teach you
How to be a better version of yourself that's true 
She'll forever hold a special place in this outlaws heart
That will remain in my memory that stands apart
From girls I've loved and lost along my trails
To the ones that nearly wrecked and knocked me off my rails
I guess this is gonna sound kinda coy 
Not all the greatest love story's end in joy
The ones that's have made the biggest impressions on me
Are the ones that weren't meant to be
Now as I shut the shoe box I wonder why these things I keep
Does it allow me for one moment to look in the past for a peep
To remind me where I've come from or where I'm going
Or is it valuable experiences for me life is bestowing 
I guess it's a keep sake that I will forever cherish
As each trinket holds a story and with me they will perish
To anyone else the keep sakes are bound for the trash 
But I wouldn't trade them for any amount of cash
Perhaps to some I guess it would be 
What you get with me is what you see
As an outlaw I ride with one notion in mind
All we are to each other is a combination of time 
Time spent where , a minute here , 10 years there
I don't have boundaries it's something I don't fear
But I will say this if you ride with me and have time to kill
I'll make a promise we will ride and go where no one else will

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Comments (16)

  1. starsinhereyes

    I too ha box with memories and i would never trade them for anything .. You really did a good rhyme my friend very sentimental

    December 30, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahah ahhhhh great minds I guess as they say haha yeah just another loopy thought from an outlaw haha
      Always a pleasure to have you read them haha

      December 30, 2015
      1. starsinhereyes

        Always a pleasure to read your thoughts

        December 30, 2015
        1. wonderwall79

          Well it’s my pleasure telling them haha

          December 30, 2015
  2. cjb321
    You never forget your first love….You said it wonderfully!

    December 30, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha why thank you very much your quite right they hold a special place in your heart
      Thank you as always

      December 30, 2015
  3. gramm

    Ok, ok, got me again with the first line. Just the last few days I have been cleaning out my loft and ran across a few boxes my Mom had kept all these years and given to me. Well that stuff always goes in the same place. This time I began to look through and it was just loads of stories, poems, school work. At the top of these ‘masterpieces’ were names like Sharon H, Susan G, Paul W, etc. I had to pause and place the names with faces and just could not believe the memories that flooded my mind. I got some laughs and yes, even a few tears as I recall all the wonderful people that I never saw again after school. From some of the poems, I have written songs, unfortunately not no. 1 songs, ha ha. But then again, maybe they would be if they landed on the right ears? Anyway, back to the point. Little love notes from someone in the 6th grade, who now, so I hear has become a Pastor, LOL, well that never would have worked out. Just so funny to feel the innocence. SO many “what if’s”. Oh, and much to my surprise, and contrary to popular belief, I was capable of doing some pretty wild Algebra. Well, my name was at the top of the pages anyway, LOL. I burned the boxes of memories, for they would never bring anyone else the pleasure they brought back to me.

    December 30, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      great comments yeah it’s amazing what possessions can do they have the power to take you right back to the place.
      Yeah I have high school stuff and even gift paper from when I was 13 haha
      I even have a chocolate bar wrapper that this girl gave me I was smitten hahah
      Weird huh?
      Haha yeah I still got poems and songs too
      Hahaha my exact feeling they ain’t number 1# but if they had been given to someone in higher power of like to think theyight of been
      It’s amazing what we keep but I too have thrown some stuff out and burnt it just couldn’t be reminded of it anymore plus it’s only worth something to me
      Thanks for reading I enjoy reading what ever you have to say
      P.s never too late to drop your songs off at a record company hahah you could be the next big thing lol

      December 30, 2015
      1. gramm

        The politics behind the music business are not what they used to be. We tried like hell to get our music to the right people. They only wanted the likes of Brittany Spears and politically organized boy bands. They preferred them, they, at first did not have original music, they preformed others so all the royalties goes to the record co./publisher, etc. We had/have all of ours registered with BMI. We get it all. Actually though, if I may toot my own horn a bit, we have been receiving quarterly checks from BMI for royalties stemming from someone, somewhere in this crazy world playing some of our tunes. It never states where, who or when, just so much comes from " International plays" and some comes from “in the states plays”. So, I guess we will settle for that. We played the bar circuit for about 20 some years. Sucked at first LOL, but oh well, one must pay their dues and also we played our own stuff, sometimes went well, sometimes not, LOL!

        December 30, 2015
        1. wonderwall79

          Oh wow haha here I was making a gag when you truly were a talented song writer
          Yeah I suffer from foot in mouth disease a lot lol
          Wow that’s awesome tho, people playing your stuff no matter what tho that’s humbling and totally awesome hahahah
          Yeah I hear you about the industry.
          Just jack arses lol
          Well at least you can say you gave it a crack, sometimes tho the talented ones don’t make it and some bone head does go figure I guess haha
          Still tho you should be proud of that not that I’m saying you ain’t haha

          December 30, 2015
  4. shadow-storm

    well at fist read I have to say I was at a loss for words for this one, it’s so clearly personally precious and vulnerable in ways I have rarely found it comfortable or easy to be,
    But – it’s all the more beautiful for that challenge!
    This is a wonderful glimpse into the soul of your reminiscence

    December 31, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Well thank you I appreciate that yes it was one dear to my core I must say it was hard to write but easy of that makes sense
      Well it feels I’m just ripening at my age now hahaha just warming up as they say but still have enough fun left in my tank hahah
      Thank you as always for commenting with profound substantial feedback.
      Happy new year to you and here’s to many more , and to a new found friendship
      Always a pleasure

      December 31, 2015
      1. shadow-storm

        Time is just a measure of how far anytime is from now, so,
        no reason not to keep yourself young and full of fun in spirit & soul,
        And like you say, just grow with Time to get better as you go!

        Happy New Year and here’s to friends new & old, young at heart and full of funky soul

        And may this year bring hope & cheer for all who are missing others who aren’t or can’t be here…

        January 02, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Hi SS yes time has always enthralled me as its all we really are to each other.
          We are all essentially chasing for more time but alas it’s what we use the less
          I try to be Peter Pan as long as I can and someone wise told me once with a little bit of funky soul thrown in
          Yes here’s to new and old friendships I’ll toast to that.
          It struck a cord with me what you said about the ones that ain’t here.!!!
          I’ll light two candles and toast to their honour as one day my time too will be up!!
          Thanks for all your comments they mean a lot have a wonderful new year and I hope what ever your aiming for or towards may there only be peaceful waters

          January 03, 2016
  5. morningafter7

    “The ones that’s have made the biggest impressions on me
    Are the ones that weren’t meant to be”

    Oh, Wonderwall! I loved the whole thing SO much and your line above especially resonated with me. I once had something that I thought was what I had wanted all along…….only to discover that it wasn’t true. Took me at least 7 years to get over……go figure. Life sure does work in strange and mysterious ways, but it’s good to keep these memories of things to reflect on now and then. Very nice story here; you’re amazin’ as usual!!

    January 02, 2016
  6. wonderwall79

    Hi MA7 awwww thank you so much oh we must be cut from the same cloth haha that line that you said resonates with you well it did the same for me it was a favourite for me too.!!
    Yes I understand what you mean as well as I had something similar happen to me as well
    I guess I’m that much wiser for it
    I am humbled by the kindness in your words and I bow my hat in acceptance for you .
    The pleasure o Ce again is all mine
    Thank you for reading my silly thoughts as always
    It means a lot really

    January 03, 2016