Etched into my skin within are the ones that are visible 

Visible to the eye not like the ones inside 

Inside my heart these marks signify hidden damage 

Damage from life's crashes I've been through

Through inspiration and desperation the light and dark

Dark shows the times I never nearly made it back

Back from wrecks that took precious things 

Things stolen from me I can't ever get back 

Back in my life that I desperately want to hold

Hold in my arms even if only for a moment 

Moment for me to say all I should of and more 

More words of love, kindness and hope 

Hope that is leaking from my world day by day

Day and night I wonder how long do I have 

Have to endure this agony until I get the call

Call to ride my horse to a prairie called heaven 

Heaven is my the saloon where my posse awaits 

Awaits for this cowboy to arrive and finally 

Finally I'll arrive dropping to my knees in total despair 

Despair to see my mentor, my nana, my posse

Posse where all the ones I have missed 

Missed everyday but now I'm finally home 

Home where I belong and now we are finally as one 

One posse, one hope, one dream, one day......!!!!!



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Comments (18)

  1. SEC

    scars are the history of you
    written in signs and sighs

    February 24, 2017
    1. morningafter7

      Love this.

      February 24, 2017
    2. wonderwall79

      Yes quite right I wish there were more signs than sighs

      February 28, 2017
      1. SEC

        don’t we all

        February 28, 2017
        1. wonderwall79

          Hahah yes indeed but one would wonder this?
          If we were aloud to swap or erase a scar and it had a butterfly effect on our lives, I wonder if we would still then in fact change.!!

          February 28, 2017
          1. SEC

            my first reaction is yes but differently from where we are today

            February 28, 2017
            1. wonderwall79

              Yeah i may not be convinced haha
              I’ve seen movies that have that idea that the more they change in the past the more shit hits the fan in the present.
              Then in the end you just want it to go back to Norma.
              I’ve played with matches before and we know how that goes

              February 28, 2017
            2. SEC

              yeah good ole Norma

              February 28, 2017
  2. shadow-storm

    Scars are the sign & reminder that you survived-
    The marks of your strength & resilience from battles fought in life!

    February 24, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well put and well said yes indeed they are I wouldn’t trade for anything well maybe a few

      February 28, 2017
  3. macabre360

    The thing about such scars is.
    There be some that cut so deep. Reminders of some kind of defeat.
    Some that before the cut were of times so sweet. These be the ones we closely keep.
    In the hope that they will be healed and/or wiped away in the after here with loved ones we come to be with again at last and to stay.

    February 24, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well put like an ole gunslinger, indeed the ones cut deep are intrenched, but never out weighed by the sweet and cherished of which I’ve had more and thankful for that I am my feathered friend
      Tipping my hat and giving thanks for wingin over !!

      February 28, 2017
      1. macabre360

        Aye wonderwall me good ol’ nomadic traveler. You along the prairie landscape by and by. I be up and about in me midnight sky. One way or another. Birds of a feather we be my brother.

        February 28, 2017
        1. wonderwall79

          I’ll raise my bottle to you good sir, the eyes of the skies in dark and in the light
          Stormy or clear through the moonlight
          As I watch from down on the ground
          Through deserts and prairies around
          Thy honour of knowing you will always be mine
          Through these realms and atoms of time

          February 28, 2017
  4. morningafter7

    Don’t rush it along too quickly, wonderwall! Your posse here on Earth enjoys your company too much! You are an integral part of where you are right now. All the scars and heartaches and heartbreaks are the reason your poetry is so good. From one tortured soul to another…. ;-)

    February 24, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      MA7 thank you, yes your wisdom speaks volumes and I ain’t going anywhere just yet haha, I am deeply fond of my posse here and with out them I’d be truly lost.
      Each of our journeys unique and rare, they say wherever you are always surround yourself with good, that is why I have an excellent posse here.!!!
      Priceless in fact and very dear to this outlaw.
      Little thieves are hung but the great ones always escape and great friends like yourself is where my gold truly lies and this outlaw is richer than I may ever really know

      February 28, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        What a beautiful thing to say, wonderwall! Consider this a virtual hug!

        February 28, 2017
        1. wonderwall79

          Your most welcome MA7
          Hug accepted as I doff my hat to you

          February 28, 2017