Another quirky ditty of mine 
Which happened last June sometime

It was my last night in Saskatoon

I'd be catching a bus soon


Staying at the sandman hotel 
Early morning start set my alarm bell
Free breakfast helps at Denny's diner
Heading to a place called Regina
Then flying out from Regina airport
Not one of my better thoughts
Heading to Washington, D.C. 
Meeting an old friend I gotta see
I was laying on my hotel bed
Eyes tired and blood red
Thinking I wanna visit a honky tonk saloon
After all this is my last night in Saskatoon 
So I called a cab to take me there
I wondered how much is the fare
After making the cab driver laugh
He told me he'd cut the fare in half
He tried to guess where I was from
At first he said Aussie,then a Pom 
I told him I was a kiwi
His smile grew wider and said to me
Well all my years 24 in fact I've never seen
A kiwi in real life this is a small dream
We shook hands and we rambled on
To where I'm going & where I'd gone
He told me there's a better bar
Just around the corner by far
But it's better later in the night
You don't want to miss that sight
He said when I was done give him a call
He'll drop me to the hotel with no fee at all
I walked through into the saloon well dressed 
I felt like gunslinger in the wild Wild West
I grinned to myself even tho I was alone 
I whispered to myself " Honey I'm home"
I started knocking back some Jim beam on the rocks
As I walked around and meet up with these jocks
The whole crowd was a little young for me 
But there were plenty of laughs especially from me
The older bar staff were discounting my drinks every few
As I nodded my hat in respect as you do
Time flew by as did the drinks going down
I must have been alright as I hadn't hit the ground
Soon enough I was talking to the bar staff shaking hands
Wishing them the best as I press on with the rest of my plans
3am I stumbled out of the cab and said to the Indian man
I wish him well and with sincerity shook his hand
With neon lights from Denny's diner I really needed something to eat
But as I got to the entrance a group of young guys I had to greet
A bunch of young adolescent guys needing a picture taken
I clicked the camera and in a line their hands one by one I was shaken
As I stumbled through with a smirk on my face 
A young waitress showed me my place 
The place was quite empty 
So I just ordered a coffee
She smiled and asked your not from around here
I said your quite right I'm from a little place in the middle of nowhere
I said you might have heard a little place called New Zealand
She yelped in excitement "Lord of the rings I'm such a fan"
I cracked up loud and said I have to admit
For the life of me I've never seen it 
She instantly took a seat and we started to chat
About life and travelling and things like that 
If there was any one moment in my trip I'd recall
This one here was now my favourite of them all
I ordered pancakes so I could stay longer
As the hours ticked by our bond grew stronger
She kept making the rounds and stopping with me
For topping up my coffee was free
I think i lost count of cups of coffee in me  
As each round she'd come sit next to me 
I felt drawn to her like watching a beautiful sunset 
Or a gambler who couldn't resist one last bet
She asked me where I was going from here
I was mesmerised by her glancing stare
I wanted to say I'm waiting for your shift to end
Because I'd rather be here with you then see my friend 
I told her I had to leave to keep this itinerary I had 
In her eyes and voice she almost said "that's too bad"
We talked about our lives and what we want to achieve 
Our loves and dislikes and what we believe
I told her there was apart of me that didn't  want to go back home
She said well is there anything to go back for if your on your own
She talked how one day she'd like to travel the world
It's been a dream of hers since she was a little girl
It felt like in a movie scene I wasn't sure what to do
So like an outlaw in a movie scene inside I knew 
I had to leave this young lady who I was honoured to meet
She was kind and filled with grace and way too sweet 
So I asked for the cheque as I downed my coffee in one sip
I paid the bill around $15 dollars with an extra $10 dollar tip
She thanked me so much for my generosity 
I nodded my head with a hint of curiosity
Wondering what if I had of meet her two days before
Well that answer to me l'll always be unsure
Maybe she was there to help me along the way
Like a guardian angel helping but she just couldn't say
Sometimes it's the journey not the result
It's predesigned by a higher power not anyone's fault 
I love recalling memories I could do it for hours 
They sweep over me like a warm shower
People say they hate to look back
Here's an idea and it's not an attack
What if your memories were stolen overnight 
Would you stand an applaud or kick up a fight 
Would you stumble around all confused and lost
Trying your best somehow to weigh up the cost
Or would you celebrate long into the night 
No longer burdened your worries are now light 
For me l'd keep everything that's happened to me 
Every up and down left and right has made me see
I'd just hate to lose my most precious memories I love 
There's no amount of money that would ever be enough
Sure I'd like things to have never happened for sure 
Like losing people and having them back I'd trade anything for
But I'm talking solely just about our memories we made
For me personally I'd shut up shop and never trade 
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Comments (6)

  1. tulakrystal

    I’d like to keep my memories, if possible too, the good and the bad, even the ones like when I was growing up and used to hear gun shots outside at night. I think that they are good to know.

    February 01, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      dam yes I totally agree , I love mine warts and all as they say , I never had gun shots out side but I know what you mean seeing bad things I have made me aware and more alert of others

      February 01, 2016
      1. tulakrystal

        Right on!

        February 01, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          February 01, 2016
  2. cjb321

    A mesmerizing journey. Totally enjoyed it!

    February 01, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Well I appreciate your comments they mean a lot

      February 01, 2016