Mr Heart I'm Sorry

Dear heart - I'm sorry
I'm not sure why I do this to us every time 
It's not your fault Mr heart this is all mine
I've been trying so hard in this tell all town
Keeping out of loves way with my head down
Made a promise moons ago it would be just me and you
We'd never feel heartache, like the one she put us through 
We'd blow through town to town without a care
We'd be wild and reckless, one hell of a pair 
I wouldn't let another woman break you twice
Yes l know of late, I've been reneging on my advice 
Mr heart I know I've put you in harms way again 
Tied you on the tracks and waited for the train 
Mr heart I'm so very sorry 
Truth be told I wasn't ready when our eyes locked in a dance 
It was like a slow embrace lost in her trance
It was like she looked right into me with those baby browns 
I didn't know until that moment I was lost until I was found
Mr heart I'm so very sorry 
I can't unfeel the way she looked at me I wish I could
I can't just unlove her as much as I wish I should
She's a map to a treasure that was never mine
These girls I keep falling for are the worst best kind
Mr heart I'm so very sorry 
You're not gonna like this Mr heart but I'd seen her around before
So I went looking for her to find if there was something more 
I'm sorry Mr heart I more than anyone should of known better 
I got swept away in that chance encounter when I met her
Mr heart I'm so very sorry
I'll remember this one thing if anything about her
Her baby browns just roped me into her allure 
The way she'd react with her blushing red cheeks
Her body language telling me more than she would speak 
Mr heart I'm so very sorry 
They say timing is every thing, out here in the prairie
As I lost count on the times, my old heart I had to bury
Ain't no truth like the ring on her left hand 
Wish I could just bury my head in the sand
Mr heart I'm so very sorry
It's said that first man to the table eats the best 
It's kill or get killed out here in the Wild West 
There was just something I needed in her smile that I'll miss 
I guess Mr heart it's better that it happened like this
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
So I stopped on my way out of town to say my last goodbyes
I didn't have to say a word, it was spoken in her eyes
I guess something's in life, aren't meant to be
Just like the way this went, with her and me
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
I guess some thing's in life don't ever change through time
I guess my heart is looking for something it can't find
I guess the past should stay in the past
Everything I love just never lasts
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
It's true what they say, please the eyes and plague the heart 
I should of turned around and left from the very start
I was standing in line when our eyes locked in that cafe 
I should of just turned and looked the other way
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
Don't worry about me Mr heart I'll be alright 
I'll carry these battle scars with me from each fight 
Perhaps it's like they say, a cowboy lives a different life
In these badlands the lonesome blues can be rife
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
Mr heart I know how you get when you crash
Please Mr heart let these memories turn to ash
It was my mistake, just let her memories slowly burn 
Seeing first hand, your pain this I'll take an learn 
Mr heart, I'm so very sorry
They say a  foolish man builds a castle on the sand 
I'm the king of all fools who will never understand 
It was only a matter of time this house of cards I built 
It hurts the wants we have, as we watch them wilt
But alas it's just you and me again old friend 
Let's saddle up, and ride to the bitter end 
I'll whistle Dixie, and Mr heart you can hum the tune 
We'll be at another bar, drinking whiskey soon
Let's hit these bars and get off this old saddle 
Where the clientele is all hat and no cattle  
Mr heart I'm so very sorry for the way I let us down 
Mr heart I've got your back I'm paying for the next few rounds
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Comments (22)

  1. macabre360

    You’ve brought home to me to the un-payable debt I owe to me own ticker.
    I can’t say for sure ‘cause I don’t know if its true what they say.
    That if it don’t kill ya it will make ya stronger or just brings the day it stops quicker.
    Wonderwall my Man, I’m flat out floored. Your a somber star from start to finish. A glow that will never diminish

    May 25, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      It’s a constant battle with me heart, not sure whose winning the duel.
      I think it should just keep drinking whiskey but it’s addicted to the Jezebels.
      Can’t say I blame it, but you know what they say " if you play with matches?
      Always my honour black bird always my honour.
      You humble an old cowpoke indeed you do!!

      May 25, 2016
  2. zilla007

    it’s ok.. hearts are built to withstand all of everything, so am sure you will be loved when the time arises.. this is beautiful my dear…

    May 26, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Argh yes thank you, sometimes my heart pines for something it don’t really need but I thank you for your words they mean a lot

      May 27, 2016
  3. arabica

    Sadly, our hearts don’t know when it’s whoring itself out to people that are unworthy of such a precious gift. Hopefully, you find the right one for you, one day.

    May 26, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      argh I thank you for the kind words as always, yes indeed I understand but it’s my heart that don’t
      With brim pulled down in respect I thank you

      May 27, 2016
      1. arabica

        I can’t say my heart is any wiser. It still whores itself out to those who don’t deserve a lick of my time let alone to know just how deeply I feel for them. I guess… a heart doesn’t know any better as it only knows how to love, irrespective of ones worthiness. Sighs. Tis the bane of my life too so don’t feel alone. 🌞🎈🌻

        May 27, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Very well said
          yes I agree my heart is blind it knows only how to love, thus the problem.
          I wish I could tell it sometimes who and not to love.
          It has cost me more than I can bare at times.
          I thank you my friend your opinions are noted and always welcomed

          May 27, 2016
          1. arabica

            Well. That’s because the heart wants what it wants without applying logic, which can often be fraught will many challenges.

            May 28, 2016
            1. wonderwall79

              Argh indeed my friend it has no code and no mercy well mine don’t anyway

              May 28, 2016
          2. arabica

            Perhaps, that’s the issue, your internal compass is busted. I usually reflect the behaviours of my lover to enable him to see how he makes me feel. If he’s smart, he’ll learn to understand the machinations within me, to understand what makes me tick. Love isn’t that complicated to cultivate but without trust, it becomes challenging to discern whether its worth all the head fuckery and heartache that emerges when nothing is as it’s suppose to be. Sighs.

            May 28, 2016
            1. wonderwall79

              Yes my internal compass has been disfigured for quite some time, along time ago someone completely messed it up
              My heart don’t really know this, but I think it’s best just to roam the prairies not in search of love but in search of peace

              May 29, 2016
          3. arabica

            Life, can often do that to a person. However, don’t let that person deter you from finding the sustenance that your heart & soul needs. Peace, is the next best thing as there’s nothing more healing than reconciling those things that remain unresolved. Who knows ?! Love, may then be able to shine upon you, once again. 😎🎈🌞

            May 31, 2016
            1. wonderwall79

              Well spoken and well put, yes peace Is the holy grail for me, I’ve had love, lost love, found it again, lost it arghhhh but peace I have only managed to get one hand on it before it glittered away but I endeavour to never give up thank you my friend

              May 31, 2016
  4. tiggers

    how did I miss this one

    May 27, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha awwwwww it’s ok
      But thanks for the read

      May 27, 2016
      1. tiggers

        You are very welcome my friend

        May 27, 2016
  5. belladora

    Heart breaking but beautiful

    May 27, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Thank you I appreciate it, yeah it was for my heart

      May 27, 2016
  6. morningafter7

    The heart wants what the heart wants, wonderwall, and we can’t pick who we love – we just do. Either way, this is precious and heart breaking all at once. Hugs!!!

    June 11, 2016
  7. wonderwall79

    Tis is true, and yet I still don’t learn arghh indeed you are correct hearts don’t have eyes thank you MA7 I sincerely mean that

    June 11, 2016
  8. borno

    This is really interesting fact shared by professional essay writing service that sometime we have to do something is not liked by our heart. This is the feeling of all the humans I think. we all have time like this when we have to say sorry to our heart for not accepting his thing.

    February 16, 2017