Mothers day


Mama since the day you've been gone

There's so much that's gone on

Things ain't the way they use to be

Even the boy has changed in me 


I don't visit the family that often anymore

The memories of you not here are just too raw

Family gatherings of xmas, and easter are the past

After losing you, I knew things just wouldn't last 


I still see you lying there I stood helpless at your side 

Marked on my tombstone that day too was when I died 

After that home didn't seem to be a place to spend time 

These prairies I roam looking for answers I can't find 


The family is broken I guess that's the plain facts

I travel now from place to place never looking back

I wish I could have been as strong as you 

Looking in the mirror I see that ain't true


Friends I had somehow we've gone out separate ways 

Walking in your garden of memories takes up my days

I try to keep myself busy just in case I go insane

No matter what I consume I just can't drink away this pain 


I wish I could see you just one more time 

I'd never let you go from these arms of mine

I'd tell you all the things that a mama needs to know

I'd finally let you see the love I failed to show 


Living here in this world gets darker every day

Sometimes I feel that I don't really want to stay 

It can be hell on earth here above the ground 

Blowing like a tumbleweed from town to town 


Never caring where I'm going just where I've been 

My reputation only heard, my  presence rarely seen 

One foot in the light, the other in the dark 

Hidden is the scar that bares the mark 


For i too one day will leave this prairie in time

Where I'll lay resting in a timber box made of pine 

My judgement day over and my sins released 

Etched on my grave the digits of me the deceased 


I wasn't judged by 12, but carried by 6

Lowered to a grave carved by shovels and picks 

I'll finally have peace that I've longed for 

My restless heart will finally ache no more 


In the afterlife l'll ride a horse who bares the name

Felina my dark haired steed to which I found fame

I'll saddle this beast and ride to a place

With golden gates and a heavenly staircase 


With jingling spurs l'll walk these steps to the top 

To where a guardian of sorts will ask me to stop

This cowboy will ask only once to enter these gates

The guardian speaks " Inside she awaits"


I'll swagger in and whistle to my noble steed

Who I'll climb back on board and take the lead

Slowly meandering through hordes of people 

I'll see a silhouette standing at a far away steeple  


There she is my mentor, my mama, my true north 

I'll spur my horse into a canter to go fourth

Her face still darkened by the distance but she sees

Overwhelmed by the occasion she drops to her knees


I'll spur me horse into a gallop as she weeps in joy

The return and reunion of her youngest boy 

I'll swing off me saddle and run over to her embrace 

It'll will be a moment etched in time I won't replace


Its all I have now are these fictional stories of mine

To fill in the gaps as I wait here and bide my time  

Until then I guess mama I'll keep my campfire stirring 

With me steel horse Into life's winds I'll keep spurring 


Happy Mother's Day Mum

* The mother memories that are closest to my heart are the small gentle ones that I have carried over from the days of my childhood. They are not profound but they have stayed with me through, life and when I am old they will still be near.











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Comments (6)

  1. macabre360

    Wonderwall you said it all
    It never gets easier as time goes by
    When Mom isn’t there to dry my eye
    While lonely tears must fall
    Tis so special a day of one so special in so many a way.
    To mark and remind me how much I miss her since she had to part.
    From my heart the tears well and slowly start.
    Standing in the balance of me love ones who crossed over there.
    And all me loved ones living over here.
    Who someday I’ll leave behind.
    Standing upon this border line of mine. When it’s my time to depart.
    For both sides then tears fall in kind.

    May 15, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Indeed my feathered phenom
    That about sums it up what you said.!!!
    Certain times of the year
    Is definitely harder to bare
    But I don’t have to tell you
    In common we share it too
    Through prairies or skies
    We’ve had to say our goodbyes
    From a gunslinger to a black bird
    Ripping me hat without saying a word

    May 16, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    You can rest assured, Wonderwall, that wherever your lovely mum is right now, she sees and knows that you have written this for her. I know she was a special lady to have had a son like you. Such a beautiful poem for her; I know she loves it.

    May 17, 2017
  4. wonderwall79

    Well ma7 those words really mean a lot and thank you for them.!!!
    Yes she was a special mother.!!!
    Just as you are too.!!!
    Thanks again for reading my little ditties
    Tipping me hat as I trot out of town

    May 20, 2017
  5. Walkaboutman

    Brother,that was beautiful.
    Wish you were local,love to have a beer or two with you (my shout).

    June 21, 2017
  6. wonderwall79

    Hey my bro
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Yeah buddy I wish I was local too
    Mate a beer with a good friend is priceless
    You never know if I make Aussie for a holiday I’ll txt ya
    My shout

    July 01, 2017