Milford sounds / Piopiotahi

Steeped in history these mountain ranges hold 

Timeless memories richer than its veins of gold

Telling stories to the chosen few who lend their ears

Tales of grandeur, heartache and silent tears


Lonely voices echo through these ancient peaks

Lost lives flow evanescent like the shimmering creeks

Their bodies long gone from this hallowed ground.

But their spirits linger without making a sound


Once a small community with its hustle and bustle 

Against nature men and woman fight against the tussle

This paradise once belonged to the whales and seals

Tainted now my man, his tools and steel


Over 90,000 seals murdered to fulfil mans greed

The world taking more than we should ever need

Killed for skins and oil and the almighty dollar 

The few survivors left to reside in blood stained squalor 


Then came heinous crimes against giant beautiful souls 

Those majestic angel creatures with the blow holes 

Hunting them is one of mankind's darkest hours 

Is truly an act unforgivable stained in our history it sours 


Their caucuses strewed on beaches for time to rot

If there is a god on our judgement day it won't be forgot 

Mankind's greed to extract the riches from this planet 

If I could I'd leave this place, they can have it 


This is where I work now a place finally protected 

It is a sacred place, but it's past can't be neglected 

I'm a coach tour driver guide who tells the history

But of this 1.3 million hectares much remains a mystery


Their are stories of toil and hardship all around 

Where tales of the human spirit can be found 

Men and women who braved the elements to show 

So guides like me can tell what many don't know 


A paradise full of tumbling waterfalls and ancient peaks 

Sometimes the grandeur of it all you can barely speak

Snow capped mountains litter the deep blue skies 

Enriched with beauty too much at times for the eyes 


I wish I could take you on this adventure with me 

If you ever find yourself here I'll show you for free

A 13 hour round trip with a boat cruise thrown in 

Bad jokes included but a few will for sure make you grin.!!


So look up the cowboy, I'll only be to glad 

To show you our little back yard ain't too bad 

My gift to you if ever you shall arrive on our shores 

To show a dear friend around is a worthy cause!!!


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Comments (10)

  1. EyeVey

    Sounds amazing, you captured so much in this piece.

    March 21, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well thank you EyeVey yes come on over and see one of natures true majestic masterpieces!!
      I’ll even the captain to make you wear the pirate hat and steer the boat!!!

      March 22, 2017
      1. EyeVey

        Would love to one of these days! Will take you up on that offer!

        March 26, 2017
        1. wonderwall79

          Indeed, then it shall be done I’ll shall await your arrival on these shores just look for a cowboy and his steel horse and I shall show you the path you seek

          March 26, 2017
  2. shadow-storm

    Oh I’d love to go! I’ve never seen mountains in person, only in the distance from flying past Denver. And to have a storyteller like you as guide would be pretty dang sweet, even if you throw in a few bad jokes it’d be worth it to hear the inside story

    March 21, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahah well then Milford sounds is the place full of ancient forests and snow capped peaks, tumbling waterfalls and miss carpeted floors.
      You’d love it SS even throw in free lunch as well as the cheeky Kea’s to see ( the worlds only alpine parrots who love to eat rubber
      Oh man the stories wow, what toil and hardship those men and woman must of endured

      March 22, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    Fabulous, wonderwall! And what a perfect job for you! You are living the life, dude – that’s all I can say! If I ever make it over that way (which I would LOVE to do), I’m lookin’ you up for the tour!

    March 21, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha be a pleasure MA7, arghh yes it is one of those places that weather can change it dramatically, they say you have to see it three times, 1) when it’s sunny 2) when it’s raining 3) when it’s snowing
      It rains like nearly 200 days a year there!!
      Believe it or not it can be at times the second most wettest place on the planet behind the Amazon crazy, but it’s serene and full of grandeur
      Come on over, you’ll even get free lunch

      March 22, 2017
  4. macabre360

    Well looky here. A tour guide with an historic bent.
    History of high and low times these mountains bare.
    With their range of majestic beauty and sad lament.
    That conceals a barbarity that man has done there.
    There be where a high plains drifter as hired hand.
    Tells of the good, bad and ugly of this pristine land.
    Cowboy you pact a wealth visions tied to the heart under your hat.
    And I for one am delighted and made all the richer because of that.
    All me best to ya mister high plains drifter. All me best.

    March 22, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Arghhhh black bird your noble wings would soar.
      Over these peaks your eyes haven’t seen before.
      This heritage park will without doubt excite.
      Fill your eyes with wonderment in flight.
      You’d love it here black bird..
      Tipping me brim you have me word.!!!!

      March 23, 2017