Have you ever stopped to wonder
That what's hidden under
All of us somewhere is a cure
That could heal ourselves for sure
All reluctant to truly find
What's in us all this time
We are what makes us
We are who breaks us
I wonder what we are looking for
Is it love or is it war
What is it we all struggle with
What was given to us as a gift
Life is so precious and short
Disappearing quicker than we thought
We trip over all the little stuff
Then complain we've had enough
We all know life can be unfair
Thinking does anyone care
Will anyone miss us when we are gone
What drives others to just carry on
Now I'm not confessing I know it all
But I've had my share of falls
I'm no guru nor am I trying to be
I'm just plain ole me
Ive seen people who fought to live
Promising everything just to give
One more day to see a setting sun
Or spend the day with loved ones
I've also seen someone throw away their life
Not being able to cope with strife
They've given up on all they know
Pulled the curtains on their show
I've seen the world through both views
Ultimately it's up to us to choose
I know life ain't all beer and skittles
You just have to find peace in the middle
Not so long ago in my world I was hit
With a ball of unimaginable shit
I lost more than one should
Giving it away I so easily of could
Time brings changes that no one sees
It knocks you down to your knees
Life gives you reasons sometimes not to stay
But fighting it head on is the only way
Why let life push you around
Just pick yourself up off the ground
Dust yourself off and stand again
It's not what you lost its what you gain
Your losses may be heartbreaking to think
Enough for sure to make you sink
In my devastation I thought of only one
My mentor who is now my setting sun
I know I've been a victim of my own circumstance
To scared to pack my bags and take a chance
That all changed when the day finally came
I was fed up settling for just the proverbial same
So I packed up all I had and took a chance
To find what I was missing was happenstance
Yes I know it's not everyone's cup of tea
But it was something I needed to do for me
I was living a lie, and hating where life was going
Becoming a certain person not even knowing
How I even got here or become that way
I took charge and changed my life from that day
I know for some they are all alone
Fighting this fight on their own
For them I respect them for that
I bow my head and tip my hat
Which is why we all are in different battles
On different horses on different saddles
I guess I can't speak for everyone
It's your choice to fight or run
We are all different and in what we believe
Finding different ways to help us achieve
We are all on the road together
In all types of whether
So try to think the next time your down
Take a look and see all the others around
Knowing that we are all tainted by time
Getting pushed further and closer to that line
You owe it to yourself to have a life of fulfilment
Filled with all kinds of amusement
I will leave you on this note
To heed the words I've wrote
Close your eyes and think back to a time
When you were a little kid around eight or nine
What did you dream that your life would be
Don't be afraid to look the truth will set you free
Was it one of happiness,joy, laughter freedom and love
Or have I completely missed the mark and it's none of the above
That's why I've remained Peter Pan
But most people wouldn't understand
You see it's not because I'm immature
I know when to laugh and when it's serious for sure
I live by this one very simple rule
Call me a fool or call me cool
"Don't worry about life, none of us are getting out of it alive"
What has happened to us has happened to us, that's life
Why bad things happened to us or why we are chosen I don't know
Perhaps we were the stronger ones showing others which way to go
The way through it , is making good close friends
Helping us through thick and thin right to the bitter end
So before you put strangers like me on the chopping block
Perhaps it's us life has sent to you like a key to a lock
Maybe this Christmas to befriend a stranger could be an unlikely reason
To help you find yourself again after all my friend Tis the season
It's time to kick your bum and take back what once was yours
Find that happy kid and stay the course
Take a good look in the mirror and try to wonder
It's never too late to get back your thunder

From an outlaw who has a split personality of a clown
Pour yourself a bottle of truth mix it with hope and drink it down !!!

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Comments (14)

  1. sunshineandraindrops

    Once again, you awe and astound me. great job!

    December 27, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha why thank you your words mean a lot your way too kind haha thank you very much as always

      December 27, 2015
  2. cjb321

    “Why let life push you around” Great line…..Excellent writing!!!

    December 27, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Thank you I really appreciate that
      It means a lot

      December 27, 2015
  3. gramm

    “Beer and Skittles” eh? Yum Yum! But seriously, parents, teachers, whoever, should stress this valuable lesson to their children and acquaintances at a very early age.

    December 27, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahahah yeah I do love skittles haha and the odd bottle.!!!
      Yeah I totally agree on that, but they wrap everything in cotton wool too much and then when the real world hits them BANG they fall flat on their face without a clue what to do.
      Sometimes a little truth goes along way
      Look I turned out alright :eek; hahahahahah
      Thanks for reading I applaud your comment it makes total sense

      December 27, 2015
  4. aprilwrightmcpeak

    Great job Mr. Outlaw Clown!! Very inspired. Thanks, I needed to read that.

    December 28, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Awwwww well I hope it has inspired you at least a teeny weeny bit haha
      Always a pleasure
      Thanks for reading my inner thought very scary hahaha

      December 28, 2015
  5. morningafter7

    Excellent, wonderwall!! Love your attitude! You rule……

    December 28, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahah awwwww well your too sweet too haha always my pleasure MA7 thank you it truly does mean a lot thank you

      December 29, 2015
  6. starsinhereyes

    Another great write from an amazing person

    December 29, 2015
    1. wonderwall79

      Well your way too kind haha thanks for reading my writes or quirks haha it means a lot

      December 29, 2015
      1. starsinhereyes

        Lol we are both to kind haha

        December 29, 2015
        1. wonderwall79

          Hahah yeah oh well kindness never hurts haha

          December 29, 2015