Day Dream


I see her staring over the counter at me 

As I stare back wondering what does she see 

We've never really been formerly introduced 

I shy away as my heart she's already seduced 


I slip away to my dream world and wonder 

She's a beautiful witch with a spell I'm under 

Her hypnotising eyes from behind those glasses

I'm slowing falling into her as each day passes 


The way her eyes look at me telling me I matter 

She's got a way with me I could easily shatter

She looks deeper into me than I've let anyone 

She's the only girl where I've never thought to run


It's so foolish of me to allow myself this fantasy

My heart is her prisoner not wanting amnesty

She walks over to me laughing and joking

Feeding my heart with love is why it's choking 


She's one of only few that I've ever encountered 

Highlighting all my fears I'd somehow be surrounded 

She'd expose my weakness which I can't allow 

Which is why I keep her at arms length for now 


One kiss and there'd be no words that would explain

I'd be floating on cloud #9 with no hope to refrain 

She'd take me places where I've rarely been 

Places hidden in my dreams I've never seen


She'd reach further and deeper into my soul 

Finding the other half that makes me whole

Her eyes showing me she won't give up on me

Is this really how true love was meant to be 


I wouldn't be able to love anyone again like this 

She would stain my heart with her velvet kiss

I would tell her how long I've waited to find

Such a woman like her so sweet and kind


In my eyes she'll know it's her love that will cure me 

She'll jail break my heart and free it would finally be 

I'd be lost in ecstasy drowning in her beauty 

Blissfully unaware of what she does to me  


I never thought I'd show anyone my heart 

Thanking her I wouldn't know where to start 

I could never repay her for what she's done

There will never be another, she's the only one


Her butterscotch hair flows like a lions mane 

One single touch and I'd never be the same 

Her smile warms my prairies that have grown cold

She's a sense of wonderment that I'll never hold 


As my daydream flicks back to my reality 

Sitting here at my campfire I'm back to normality 

I nod me brim and she smiles but she'll never know

She's one of only few who had me at hello 




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Comments (3)

  1. morningafter7

    I absolutely love this poem, wonderwall! “Her butterscotch hair flows like a lions mane” – so lovely! Wonderful job at expressing your feelings and describing this beautiful girl! Whichever one finally lassos you in will be the lucky one!

    April 28, 2017
  2. macabre360

    Well well me boy. Lovestruck aye. In luck of day or aright by night. Wherever the twain shall meet.
    Within a crowd or on a cloud. Allowed or discreet. A special place oh so sweet. Side by side hand in hand.
    Where lovers stroll. A place we all know and dream to go. A special place we all call… Love street.
    Wonderwall me boy you say it all. Top notch. Bravo to you.

    April 29, 2017
  3. tiggers

    She smiles big

    May 04, 2017