Crazy heart


It was early summer I was around 13 and shy.

The day she came up to me and said "Hi".

I spent all that summer holding her hand

It sure felt good for the while being her man


She had diamonds in hers eyes that were alluring 

My dusty broken heart I felt she was curing 

Her name was Jasmine sweet like the flower 

It was the first encounter of my heart going sour 


Her gentle smile could warm the coldest of cold 

I was gonna ask her out to the disco if truth be told 

Love had no boundaries until I heard her say 

That her moms found a new job she's moving away 


My heart died a little that day after hearing that 

It's been blue before but this time it was black 

She was first of many girls to say goodbye to me

Was the beginning of how this crazy heart came to be 


In a quiet little cafe on the outskirts of town

Three words she's waited to hear but I let her down

The lump in my throat grew bigger by the minute!

As I stumbled with the words of how to say it!


Like a poker hand she put it out all on the line 

With an innocent voice she'd like to marry me sometime

Raise a little family and build a home from the ground 

I was young and naive I never planned to stick around 


Tears rolled down her face with the words I couldn't say!

I'll never forget that day she walked away!

Her heart left to roam prairies of a lonely sort

Mine refusing to be tamed, cared for or caught 


It's who I've become now, who I'll always be 

There's no heart in the near future I can see 

That could ever pen me down except I guess one 

It was the only time I never thought to run 


There was this one fair maiden many moons ago

Even now as I recall my love for her still grows

Her sweet delicate smile and hazel eyes 

This outlaw, this crazy heart she mesmerised


It was forbidden love of the highest degree

I was lost in the atoms of time you see

My heart holds treasures that won't be sold

Her memory I couldn't sell not for all me gold 


Somehow she made me feel like the king of kings

She somehow gave the horse I ride a pair of wings 

It was almost like she knew me from another time 

I was drunk on her beauty as if she were wine 


The day she left me on that big steel horse 

She was making a fresh start set for a new course 

My crazy heart broke that day believe it or not 

In seeped the darkness left here alone to rot


I was thrown to the wild and left to wander alone 

In the misery of it all I somehow found a home 

Time stole her from me and moved her far away 

If she was left alone she'd be here with me today


That's why I will never run with the herd  

Afraid of what I'll feel from that four letter word 

She will be the one I love and wanted for all time

But the gods just wouldn't let her be mine 


My crazy heart won't stop galloping away

My gypsies blood just won't let me stay  

Just one time I wish for it to find a home

Pen it , tame it, love it , so it never roams


I wait for someone to brand their mark

On this wild and reckless crazy old heart

Lasso this wandering heart that no one has before 

Bring it into the stables and calm its war


I guess that's the romantic side of me  that remains

But deep inside I've lost the grip of me reins 

It's loco and reckless it's untamed even from time

let it rest, let it be for it's truly the last of it's kind 


Like a untamed coyote it will always hear the call 

Breaking free of its restraints to escape its stall 

It loves the dirt under its hooves and wind in its mane

It's hypocrisy knows no bounds it's a victim of its own fame.


 I dream for just one day.

Someone would make it stay.

Running from love like a bullet leaves a gun.

Like a fugitive it's always on the run.

It wears no mans chains 

Like a prairie unchanged 

Caged only by freedom 

Letting no one mislead him











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Comments (11)

  1. macabre360

    A true and heart felt litany of how we come to see things of long ago that perhaps should have been but somehow never came to be. Yet ever remains within our heart of memories. As wanderin’ prairie loners and/or solitary flyers in a lonely sky. How these bygone opportunities and chance romance’s somehow pass us by but never die. Wonderwall your elegance is second to none.

    January 09, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Argggghhh well put, now just a mere memory of once was or could have been that lingers bitter sweet in me prairies
      Your kinds words are always humbling

      January 11, 2017
  2. Nyora

    Happy New Year my friend, well you gave your all in this poem, such joy, as you cry never die to the love that comes alive, even when you say good bye.

    January 11, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Happy new year to you too me friend, I hope you have been well.
      Yes just Afew old feelings that bubble up from time to time
      Yes the memories will linger long after the pleasures of the flesh

      January 11, 2017
  3. EyeVey

    This is an incredible journey put to words. Thank you.

    January 11, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well I should really be thanking you, for stopping by me saloon and reading me dittie
      Thank you the pleasure is once again all mine
      How have you been?

      January 11, 2017
  4. morningafter7

    Wow, wonderwall!! This poem says it all….the heartbreak of a free spirit!

    January 11, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well thank you ma’am
      Arrh yes the tales of a cowpoke, sometimes I wonder with all this freedom, I still wear invisible chains
      Thank you as always with you comments

      January 11, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        I understand about the invisible chains, wonderwall. Seems like soon as we break one, there’s another on our hearts…

        January 12, 2017
  5. wonderwall79

    I couldn’t explain it any better maam, I’m a contradiction in the most sincerest form.
    Yes indeed like a ghost, there’s always a chance to end the myth , as well as a chance to continue the legacy of that makes sense

    January 12, 2017