Cowpoke Ramblings 4


As I sit here on this bench seat I ponder yet again the way this world works.

I guess I'm still a dreamer, a silly heart, still that 8 year old boy who believes in magic and fairy tales.

These prairies in which I dwell at times like they are right now seem rather foreign.

Then there are days I know every inch of these badlands from every stone to the wind in the pines.

Let me unfold a little tale that happened in me prairie.

By pure happenstance a fair maiden 

stumbled into my saloon.

To describe her in words I can't but to break it down she was painted by gods brush with such beauty that I've  seldom seen.

In that moment I was hit with cupids arrow.

Now I've never been one to feel its effects before usually the dark that roams thru me veins takes care of such feelings a sort of built in defence mechanism.

I wonder why life gives you a moment and then with the very same hand it takes it back.

We rise and fall and that's just the way it is sometimes I guess

I guess it's true what they say, that sometimes good things that should of, could of, would of happened simply just don't .

They say the purest form of pleasure is anticipation.

She blew thru my life like a warm summers breeze, I'm usually stronger than this keeping love at arms length with my core hidden around a maze, wrapped in riddles which is the enigma of this cowboy.!!!!!!

This Italian/Australian goddess consumed me like smoke in a house fire.!!!

Let me clear the air now it wasn't a late night rendezvous by any means 

It wasn't so much something in her touch, or in her words, or even in her eyes but mostly in her character.

Now with that being said the small pieces of time we did have spread out through two days had enchantment and swirling in her eyes she sprinkled licentiousness words through our encounters.

She had this stare that illuminated my very soul and all me dark places lit up like fairy lights on a pergola.

It was almost if she had been sent here to this place from a higher power with an agenda to almost study me like a test subject as if I was some lost prehistoric reptile long thought to had been extinct and she was the mad scientist probing me.

Her hair darker than the coffee I drink  she was a sweet poison injected straight into my heart, with piercing eyes that were tearing down me walls like no one else has before.

It was a day of sublime wonderful which I'd never trade for a lifetime of nothing special.


It was almost eerie in a lot of ways of the fact it felt she was placed here like a guardian angel just to see how I was.

Her presence filled the room and I'll never forget her which sounds absurd even as I write this down.!!!

There was just something about her, now some might think it's lust but she's not the only one I've had a few encounters over my time with weird circumstances leaving me scratching my head it's just she's been the latest one, I've had people pop in my life almost to give me a paragraph of wisdom or a message and then they are gone.

Have you ever had that experience?

Where someone is almost here to deliver you a message.?


I recall a few years back too, I was taking the ferry across the Cook Strait from the North island to the South Island a mere 3-4 hour journey.

I was standing in a closed viewing deck staring outside wondering about life and where I was heading too and had I done the right thing by taking this job that led me so far away from home.

An old man approached me and we started talking and I found myself telling him about what was happening in my life etc.....

I cant recall word for word but I remember after our conversation it was if he had some how healed my fears, I remember he just knew all the right things to say as if he himself had waited for me to arrive like he had a purpose to be on the boat waiting for a young stranger he didn't know anything about but knew he had to meet me, telling me stories of his life and the decisions he had to make????

It's a funny old world ain't it, you just never know who you'll meet along these dusty trails in our prairies!!!

ive had plenty more strangers as well from airports to night clubs they pop up every now and then almost as if they are your posse from an ultinate universe or from a different time continuum, where they can't say they know us from another time they just have to almost make a connection and to tell you or point you in the right direction, but not giving too much away to blow their cover! Mmmmmmm maybe I should put me whiskey down and get some shut eye I suppose 


Perhaps it's the whiskey speaking out of term

Or life's lessons I'm finding hard to learn 

I bid you good night as I spread my bed roll about

Swig my last swallow and put me fire out 

Here's to us all on these dusty trails of our universe 

Just a mere ramble it's your choice if you want to converse 








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Comments (9)

  1. morningafter7

    Wonderwall, you have put into words here something that I have wondered about time and again – about these chance meetings (sometimes once in a lifetime) that have so much impact on us and are so influential. I’ve read about it, things about synchronicity and “invisible strings” that tie us all together, to where there are these people you are supposed to meet up with, no matter what. Oh, I’ve definitely had a few myself that left me scratching my head over the coincidence and timing, etc. One I will never forget was an older retired lady who I met in Mexico of all places while I was visiting there. She and her husband were wealthy and traveling the country in an RV. She told me they had both had important careers as top executives but if she had it to do over again, she would have a simpler more enjoyable job – that the money hadn’t been worth all the stress and pressure. That was years ago, but I still think about it to this day when I get stressed. Not long ago, a handsome singer who I just met (almost accidentally really) gave me a big hug, totally unexpected and out of the blue and on a day when I REALLY needed one. That simple action made everything better. I could meet him again, or not, but the timing couldn’t have been better. I don’t know, wonderwall, there’s something to it but I’m not sure what. Life is full of so many mysteries!

    February 01, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Arrrrh indeed MA7 life is wagon wheel that rolls and rolls and each bump we roll over has an impact on those sitting in the wagon.
      Some bumps a minor some major enough to unseat you.
      I am intrigued about what you said about synchronicity, I have a sneaky suspicion you are right in the money MA7 it’s all too coincidental not to be linked

      February 05, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        I’m intrigued by the idea also. It’s like when some things just seem to click into place – that’s how it was when I had the last experience with this. It’s like the timing couldn’t have been better if you’d tried. Know what I mean?

        February 05, 2017
        1. wonderwall79

          Yes it’s got a whole different feeling to the day when you get the feeling that everything is clicking like a machine full of cogs running all in unison almost like the perfect day.
          I’ve had days like that and it leaves you on such high spirits where you wish everyday is like.
          I wonder what it is really? Why isn’t every day like that!!
          Interesting and very illuminating if I had time I’d delve into it a little more

          February 07, 2017
          1. morningafter7


            This article was interesting and so are the comments after it.

            February 07, 2017
  2. This comment has been deleted
  3. macabre360

    Oh I want to converse alright. I think you hit on something many of us experience. Most don’t give it much thought or miss out on it altogether. As far as those seemingly special souls that impact us in special ways. For me half the time I don’t realize just how much till sometime after their gone. Sometimes long gone before I get what that special touch / effect was they left behind in my life. Women for sure have the lions share of these near and at times total epiphanies. I think because we tend to pay certain attention to them than we do others.
    Most times I don’t believe they themselves are aware of it. I think often enough that they are influence from outside agents or as you say angels. I also think it quite common these agents sway or influence us in random seemingly everyday ways as well. More like whoever is handy for the certain purpose at the time you might say. Then we have the agents that deal with us directly. These effect us in more of a strange way. And I think I came close to catching one or two in the act once.
    Come to think of it wonderwall. This post of yours may have helped me clear away some sagebrush from some notions I’ve been having a hard time trying to reel in. In fact. This very session we’re having right now just may be one of those handy influences we’re talking about. That’s what I mean by catching up to it as it occurs. As opposed to later on in the day or so.
    I’m in a busy and hectic time frame this past few weeks. But as soon as I get a break. I’ll be sure to run it down now that you supplied a kinda hook to fish these notions out of the sea of mystery. I have a number of lines in the water but only faint nibbles so far. But there does seem to be something slithering closer in the murky water. I just need to lure it in little by little.
    As always ww. It’s a delight to wing by your plains over here. And thanks for being a handy agent of influence cowpoke.

    February 02, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      The pleasure is undoubtedly mine BB
      Yes it’s also funny how these random occurrences always happen when you need them most or when your at the cross roads of a decision they appear out of the thin air.
      Like a eagle they’ve been waiting to swoop on you with the message we unwillingly have no idea we seek.
      Nudging us gently towards the path we shall take.
      There are at times I wonder there must be the opposites as well pulling is to make the wrong decisions as every right has a wrong, every hero has a villain ???
      I guess that’s another topic for another time
      Thanks for wingin my way as always BB

      February 05, 2017
  4. shadowstarz

    Some people leave their unique mark upon our heart & soul to ensure they’re never forgotten !
    You’ve captured that piece of truth poignantly… and ever so eloquently ! 😎🎈🌻🌞

    February 03, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Yes it seems like that very much, gone but never forgotten as they say
      Thank you my friend for the kind words

      February 05, 2017