Captain Blood Beard - Time Keepers Amulet

From an outlaw to a noble bird

I am humbled in your presence
A tribute to the eye of the sky
A feathered phenom
For the one they call black bird
Nodding my brim in respect.!


Far from the ocean shore voices are heard
With the eerie echoing sound of magpie birds
The shadow of his pirate ship can be seen
While mist fills the air like a haunting dream

Captain Blood Beard is the guardian of this plot 
This dead pirates name even time hasn't  forgot
A buried treasure lie beyond the entry gates as worn as time
Woven with poison ivy hidden with dense fog and vines 

With his sword the lock has no chance 
As it falls free in an enchanted dance 
He treks swiftly through the steel gates
Where the eerie damp misty fog awaits 
This pirates piercing eyes blacker then the night skies 
Death follows him with the sound of buzzing flies
This pirate wanders slowly through this field of stone
This hollowed ground is the place he now calls home

He holds his burning lantern at arms length
Watching the flickering flame grow with strength
His lantern guides him over this sacred ground 
Where each footstep he takes makes no sound
Shadows appear from everywhere 
Fear and terror taint the air
It's turned midnight an no one knows 
For just one minute anything goes

Graves are opening and head stones are starting to crack
Up through the soil the dead are pushing their way back
The howling of lone wolves echo in the night
Murders of crows squawking as they take flight

For one lonely minute he can talk to the dead
These hallowed grounds where mortal men feared 
His eyes darkens and with the clouds tightening
Thunder rolls slowly in with hard lightening

A deathly cold winter breeze
Ripples through these trees
Hell has visited earth 
As death has given birth
Then silence falls over the land 
On a tombstone he rests his hand
Buried here is his fair maidens tomb
Whom he visits every blood moon
Death surrounds everything all exempt this lonely grave
To be together again with her, is all he craves
He pounds the tomb lid with his fists until it's broken
As he lifts and twists the lid until finally it opens 
There she lays in slumber his fair maiden awaits 
Like tortured lovers shackled by the chains of fate 
He holds her in his arms kissing her on the forehead
For one minute she's awoken from the dead
The mist disappears and death slowly subsides 
The merging between the light and dark slowly divides 
For one minute colour has seeped back into the land
As the darkness retracts from them holding hands
The flowers bloom and the birds are singing too
His eyes have gone from midnight black to an ocean blue 
Her flowing butterscotch hair and milky white skin
As her heart stricken scowl creeps into a grin
Together again albeit for just a minute
A thousand lifetimes lived in it
He brushes back her hair and whispers "my love"
As the clouds of darkness gather from above
Then like the oceans tides crashing back to the shore
Back seeps the darkness he can't hold her anymore
With eyes closed he steals one last kiss from her lips 
Embracing for one last time as their bodies lose grip 
The lid placed slowly back on her grave
Doomed to stay in this man made cave
Then one midnight under a full blood moon 
He returns and vandalised is his maidens tomb 
Enraged and incensed he crumbles, into fragments this grave lid
As he discovers his fair maiden missing in the tomb she was hid
All that remains is an amulet that's been left behind 
A hidden secret exposed, one as old as time 
Without this amulet the darkness inside will control
It will possess her heart and consume her soul
He drops to his knees and the skies start to arc  
Thunder roars and vengeance consumes his heart 
There he sees what he had hoped to find 
A mythical character from an ancient time
A noble feathered creature of limited size 
Steeped with legendary tales of existing in the skies 
With vast knowledge of this satanic ebony zone
A noble black bird appears sitting on it's own  
It's presence a symbol of vigilance in the air
Where only those from both realms should dare
Blood beard knows without her amulet she's a beast
Black bird warns, she's hungry and wants to feast
A bullet made from nobles blood is what will sedate this wench
Stopping her rampage and blood thirsty quench 
Call it fate, or by a sheer serendipitous find 
This feathered phenom is a noble of the highest kind 
The black bird pierces his own skin, blood is what he draws 
Blood beard readies and into the bullets the blood he pours 
Just as he cocks his gun out of the dark surroundings she comes 
Charging at him quicker than he can point his guns
She's about to devour her lover letting out a howling roar
She snarls and hisses she's about to rage war
She swipes at her pirate lover with vicious intent 
His grimace face, bloodied by her raging vent 
The gun breaks as he lays unconscious on the ground 
The feathered noble unsure if the pirate  is Valhalla bound
The black bird born of noble creed senses this and acts
Swooping and crawling, lacerating as he attacks 
Sinking into this maiden his razor beak 
Drawing blood like a flowing creek
This fearless bird gets clipped by the maidens swing 
The morbid maiden has broken black birds wing 
In her clutches she grabs this majestic eye of the sky
In her lurid eyes this black bird is about to die 
She's gonna decapitate this noble as she grumbles "I've won"
Out of nowhere the solemy sound of a six shooter gun 
She turns around mystified, as she hits the ground like stone 
There in the background stands a shadowy figure alone
Black bird drops and can't fathom as he searches around
As blood beard is still unconscious laying on the ground
There hidden in the misty fog just beyond the swampy shore 
Stands as he nods his brim, the one they call the outlaw
Some say born of noble blood this lone outlaw 
Walking in both good and evil realms is unsure
He roams in lost prairies and dusty trails
To eerie graveyards and ocean gales
In debted to this feathered friend
From the very start till the end
The feathered phenom and master of the sky
Humbled to have meet in the past and in the sweet by and by
So they place the amulet back on this fair maiden
They carry her back to the tomb where she was laid in 
They lay her down next to her pirate sweetheart
Entombed together destined to never part.......
Back to the ebony realms black bird flies
The master of the skies
As the ghost rider blazes a trail 
In search of his own Holey Grail 
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Comments (17)

  1. EyeVey

    WOW! Applause!

    May 10, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Argh hello there friend just another tale from the prairie I appreciate the read and the applause
      Hope you are well

      May 10, 2016
  2. aprilwrightmcpeak


    May 10, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Thanks my friend just another quirky idea in tribute of a noble creature, thanks for the read, your feed back is always respected

      May 10, 2016
      1. aprilwrightmcpeak

        Thank you for keeping me entertained.

        May 16, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Always my pleasure, I appreciate you just reading my ditties
          My thanks as always

          May 16, 2016
  3. macabre360

    Well…After me feathers stop tinglin’ and I wake up from a short faint. I think I’ll read the part of that Black Bird kickin’ ass again. Then and unknown to you. This writes a side chapter for me to add to my saga of The Siren Chronicles that I did off and on for a few weeks. This would be the best chapter for sure.
    Excellent work w’wall. And highly appreciated. Very Highly.

    May 10, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      I pull my brim down in the highest respect friend, just another prairie tale.
      I’m appreciative of your kind words, I’m sure there will be more tales somewhere in my saddle bags.
      I think your chapter will give it the dark spice to give it a kick that it surely needs.
      Always a pleasure my feathered phenom
      Always a pleasure

      May 10, 2016
    2. macabre360

      ~ ~ ~
      Forgotten and forsaken graves advance
      Waves upon waves in number and stance
      Row after row their stones now worn smooth and bare
      Vacant of the epitaphs once etched there
      Of long ago souls who have laid in unrest
      Tortured malevolent spirits of depravity we all detest
      Crypts and Mausoleums of corrupted dead
      Monuments attesting our inevitable dread
      Multitudes surrounding and closing in on us I now fear
      Will bury all of us that still are living here
      Leaving no tribute of our remains behind
      To oblivion our ashes to ashes and dust to dust enshrined
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . Black Bird

      May 10, 2016
      1. wonderwall79

        Dayyum this outlaw has much to learn but then I’m dealing with a noble creature of the highest kind.
        That was epic I will inspire to climb the level of the great ebony realm master!!
        Just inspiring is what that was again dayyum

        May 10, 2016
        1. macabre360

          Oh and by he way. I’m really glad to know your outlaw got my back and his aim is true.
          Much obliged Outlaw. Much obliged indeed.

          May 11, 2016
          1. wonderwall79

            Well I’m sure you would have kicked the beasts arse without an ole cowpoke around.
            A rising Phoenix/ black bird and all
            As a great winged character would say you never know the next saga could be me you save
            Stay tuned my friend
            Same bat channel
            Same bat place
            Same bat time

            May 12, 2016
  4. tiggers

    WOW and wow again , you always surprise me with your writes and cheers to both of you and your fantastic writes

    May 10, 2016
  5. wonderwall79

    Argh thank you friend just a little dabble from a weekend hacker

    May 10, 2016
  6. morningafter7

    The combination of black bird and ghost rider outlaw is a match made in heaven or maybe hell – depending on your perspective!! Lol! Awesome, awesome work, wonderwall!!

    May 14, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Aww thanks MA7 I really appreciate your feed back, just another tale to tell you never know there might be one in your tribute in the coming months as I value you also as a noble one too
      Always my pleasure MA7

      May 16, 2016
  7. rubyburley

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    January 03, 2017