Bury my inner demons

Bury my inner demons 
Banished like a social outcast these voices never fade
Ever present in the light, they eagerly  await in the shade 
When your at your weakest they lurk like hazy fog
Consuming your inner fears like finely crafted grog 
I guess in the end people like me don't really change 
Self sabotage is my forte, to some that must be strange
It never really mattered living the way I do
As these inner demons try to stage a coup 
I've done it my whole life, doomed to stay this way
Forged to face these self made wolves who I let stray
It's said that there's just some things, best walked alone 
Which is why some wolves hunt on their own
It's funny I never intended it to be this way 
Admitting this hasn't always been easy to say
I've seen chances pass me by, like strangers in a crowd 
Been times with myself I ain't been too proud 
In our lives we get caught in all sorts of weather
Getting swept away in the raging winds like a feather 
Rough seas and tidal surges, toss you all around 
Some of us just get lost, and some just never get found 
I'm still out in rough seas going where the tide flow is
At times as I bob and weave I never imagined life like this 
I'm not the only one there's many out there like me
Just floating around in this vast ever changing sea
Some come to love it and they feel it's where they belong
Others fighting and searching their will ever so strong
Some courageously find their way back to the shore
It's not my first rodeo, I've made it back a few times before
Making it back to shore is everyone's plan 
There are some days where I wonder if I can 
Maybe it's best if I fight these monsters out at sea 
Although in prairies is my best chance if I'm ever to be free
For now at least this is where my calling is at
It's not such a bad thing floating on your back
It is the way it is, alone out here under the stars 
It's not so much what you have but its where you are 
Perhaps it's fitting the way it all has gone 
I'm paying the price for deeds I got wrong
We all have to pay the ferry man and his toll
Maybe I owe so much I have to pay with my soul
The trials and tribulations that we all endure
Has indeed made some unsavoury demons lure
These demons have voices all of their own 
It's up to me to diminish them so they won't roam
They travel with us wherever we go 
Through sunshine hail, rain or snow
Where by boat or by land and in our sacred place 
Like a movie scene this outlaw loves a good chase 
Like extensions of ourselves we can't ever kill them
For we are their captain, and they are our men 
So for me I prowl my time searching my inner prairie
Choosing which inner voice I have to bury
Until one by one they lay under the earth
Each mound of dirt unique to its own worth 
Knowing full well I may never bury them all
But for now some lay buried as some stand tall
I lower my Stetson and hum amazing grace
Two coins on their eyes gently put into place
It'll take a lifetime to catch and bury them all
Until finally one day this cowpoke will get the call
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Comments (14)

  1. morningafter7

    Wow! Stunning and dark all at once! Nice job, wonderwall!

    June 25, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Another scribble or rant must be the whiskey talking.!
      Thanks MA7 it’s all my honour thanks for reading always

      June 25, 2016
    2. wonderwall79

      Another scribble or rant must be the whiskey talking.!
      Thanks MA7 it’s all my honour thanks for reading always

      June 25, 2016
      1. morningafter7

        Tin Cup whiskey! That does seem like your style! ;-)

        June 25, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          Now your talking my language haha, to be honest and I mean honest I do have the exact same cup as Wyatt Earp has in tombstone when he’s drinking haha

          June 25, 2016
          1. morningafter7


            June 25, 2016
  2. williamwatts

    I love your style. It keeps me glued to the screen and if you were to ever meet me you see how hard that truly is. Great work my friend.

    June 25, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Your kindness knows no bounds good sir
      The honour is truly al mine

      June 26, 2016
  3. cjb321

    I see you riding, guitar in hand with this poem playing in your head….words pouring out as you strum the guitar. Great poem!

    June 25, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Haha you wouldn’t be too far from the truth
      But playing a guitar might be a little too far out of my skill level.

      June 29, 2016
  4. macabre360

    How those foot prints follow us left behind in our wake.
    Testaments of the steps and regrets we take and make
    Tombstones of our redemption we managed to forsake
    Fated to roam alone endlessly and beyond it does seem
    As examples of apathy,woe and destitution we are seen
    By the well heeled and virtuous who pity us who strayed
    ~ Far and beyond the reach of the Devine to redeem ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Wonderful you are a treasure for us all to behold.
    In gesture and deed your are a rare and most talented breed.

    July 18, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      You humble an ole cowpoke black bird
      I stand in your shadow
      Just thoughts of a mad prairie dweller
      I tip my brim in the highest of honour.

      August 13, 2016
  5. SEC

    don’t you just hate it when the demons self-exhume themselves?

    August 14, 2016
  6. soody1934

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    December 27, 2016