These days on the calendar come around wayyyy to fast

To remind us of memories from the past 

To honour those who have had the greatest effect 

Is all that one hopes to expect 

I'll raise me bottle to my mentor 

In my prairies your'll go down in folklore 


Opening up her door to where she use to harbour

I'm defenceless like a knight without his armour 

This is all that remains of where she slept 

A lifetime of memories that's she kept 


Packing up all her things is what I have to do one day 

I hesitate to touch things she had left that way

Looking around me eyes swell as I recall 

These hidden memories and pictures on the wall


Her boots she wore she was so proud she could fit

An old dresser her jeans lay lifeless where they sit 

Her favourite sweater I see hanging behind the door

Her shoeboxes of trinkets stacked upon the floor


Cards and gifts over her lifetime is all that remains 

As tears drop from me eyes like a cold July rain 

Her patterns and knitting wheels she collected 

These raw emotions sneaking up on me are unexpected 


Her books she read that clutter all her cupboard tops

Memories pepper me tying me heart in knots 

This room gives my memories a certain power

As soon just standing here time has turned into hours 


Childhood flash backs smother me they consume 

A smile draws on my face as I remember this room 

Running in here when I was scared of shadows 

Her perfume still lingers here like a scented meadow 


There are days I struggle to truthfully get by

I can't enter this room with out wondering why

Why the gods took one of life's beautiful souls

Leaving my heart colder than a lump of coal


I'd turn this world upside down if It would help

Find those who are to blame and collect their scalps 

But it won't turn back the hands of time 

Lost forever in memories what once was mine 


I take one last look around before leaving this room 

Before in time the dark will slowly consume

I'll leave it for now until another year passes by

I still can't believe it all as I shut the door with a sigh 


I'll see you when I see you 

With the rest of my crew 

R.I.P  27/03/56 



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Comments (6)

  1. shadow-storm

    I sleep in the room that she once claimed
    Full of books, interwoven tales of her interests
    Of Italy, (Naples her childhood heart’s home), history, health, knitting, dance, etc.,
    so many idle remiders of her many pleasures’ forms
    Threaded in topics & gathered by theme,
    pages too numerous to tell of her capabilities
    Lost, yet passed down in my sisters’ deft hands
    Skillfully taught & trained by the one now absent
    How we live with the memories perhaps reflects
    Our acceptance & use of their given legacy’s influence
    As your loss touches you, so you feel others’ pangs
    May true friends & peace find you, keep you strong through the pain
    May the memories be in & through time always dear
    And may those who mean most be in our hearts ever near,
    And may smiles & blessings for all those yet here
    always be counted more often & equally precious as losses’ tears thru the years…

    So here’s to a quiet stroll to the fireside,
    Seated in comradely silence & bide a few hours till the fire dies-
    Watch the embers glow like hearts & minds full of fond warming past times
    And watching the sun wake, feel its warmth lend us strength as we ready to ride
    Forward to adventures we will face
    With stout hearts and a will unafraid
    Ready to laugh as to share & endure the trails’ strains,
    Paying heed to truth’s call to our souls to guide our way…

    March 27, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well, there ain’t too many times that an old cowpoke can be silenced, but after scrolling through those words I must take me hat off in true sincere form and say what an honour!!
      Said from the heart of a true word smith of the highest degree!!
      Yes indeed my fine friend let’s sit awhile around the campfire swapping stories of our mentors, some funny some not so, some endearing and the best ones aiming from the heart shooting straight from the hip and let us drink from the bottles until we are dead drunk and the glow from the fire becomes embers.
      To which we shall dust ourselves off in the morning ready to saddle the day to wherever the trail takes us,
      May peace be your journey too my friend

      March 27, 2017
  2. macabre360

    Well I’m reading two soulful writes inspired by the loving souls in our life who have moved on from hear.
    To hold close to our heart their memory and warmth they brought to bare.
    We truly are blessed to have and share by that fireside and/or campfire of special loved ones we hold so dear.
    wonderwall my good man, sometimes this ol’ bird wonders if whether the hardest part of life is leavin’ it or livin’ through it.
    Keep that room and its various boxes of memories in your heart cowboy. Because either way we’re here to stay. Knowin’ we will all be together again one day. Take care me boy.

    March 28, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Well my noble feathered friend what you wrote resonated with me deep – where the hardest part of life is leavin it or livin through it.!!!!
      Yes although at times I’m flat drunk around me campfire, I’ve still got enough fight for life’s scoundrels who dare to attack.!!!
      There are few things in this life I count my blessings for, and having you in the sky above is one of them.
      Raising my bottle to ya and tipping me hat thanks for all you’ve said past and present.
      Indebted to you always my noble friend.!!

      March 28, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    There are people who we just always assume will be there. We can’t imagine life without them. Then, one day and abruptly they are gone. The world without them is a different place. Everything has changed and nothing is the same. Everything is only temporary, and that’s something very important to remember…to never take anyone or anything for granted. Cherish it all, the good and bad. Take care, wonderwall. What you wrote here is beautiful and from the heart.

    March 28, 2017
  4. wonderwall79

    Well MA7 you too I am blessed to call a friend with a charismatic gypsie soul forged from the nobles of the highest ilk that sit around me campfire,
    Yes cliche it may be, but we really don’t know what we have until it me not there anymore.
    Your words are gifts and I appreciate every one of them MA7
    Pulling me brim down with the upmost respect to ya !!

    March 29, 2017