Another outlaw gone

Picked up the phone today which I regret.!!

The words spoken to me I wish to forget !!

Got told today what I feared i already knew 

Another gunslinger buried to which I bid adieu 


Go rest your weary bones me old friend 

Until the day shall arrive when I see you again 

For 20 years we rode together in those plains 

But today me old friend hand me back your reins 


It's come to that point where you can no longer stay 

The time has come we must go our separate ways

Like those many who have gone who I loved and knew 

The posse I use to ride with gets less without you 


Cancer is the sheriff that rules these prairies

So many good men under the soil it buries 

I'm sorry pard how it ended the way it did for you

Pard there's one thing If I may ask for you to do 


Pop In to the saloon say howdy to my mentor

There's a few others too if I can ask you to look for 

I'm not sure how long I'm needed down here

But you can bet my bottom dollar to you I'll raise a beer 


R.I.P - Frank 



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Comments (4)

  1. macabre360

    Tis a grim list that runs like this. All me birds of a feather who along side me in this sky flew. Alas have now all passed on through. On to their own infinite here after sky. I toast to each one and will greet ’em all when my flights are also done. Then on my way to me own waiting sky. To be forevermore with my only one.

    April 03, 2017
    1. wonderwall79

      Beautifully put me feathered phenom indeed I shall return to those wild open plains I long for, to finally run with me own herd once more
      Here’s to all those who have flown or galloped away to their distant skies / prairies
      Tipping me hat

      April 03, 2017
      1. This comment has been deleted
      2. macabre360

        Ya now wonderwal, The best part for me when I meet up with me core birds.
        Will be me reminding them how they all figured this Black Bird to be the first to fly the coop.
        Yet here I am. Last bird still flappin’ and a sassin’. Catch ya Partner.

        April 04, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Arrhhhhh indeed me feathered friend been told something similar, I’ve had many premonitions of where this cowpoke could possible have breathed his last breath yet here I remain, but alas pard I’m Greatful your still flappin your wings
    As I doff me hat

    April 04, 2017