A Chance Meeting


A Chance Meeting 
I was driving through town just the other night 
Looking around at all the Christmas lights 
I drove into McDonald's drive thru
Like I sometimes do
I remembered seeing a newly couple walking on the side walk
Holding hands and smooching and acting the way lovers talk
It got me thinking of how there's always that one
That has captivated our heart like no one else ever done
I'm not sure why we even keep their memories around
Kept on a pedestal afraid to ever pull down
I still look around in crowds when they call her name
I wonder to myself does she ever do the same 
Etched into time like carvings in a tree
Paired together for eternity
Although history will paint that we weren't meant to be
In unison for a transient spell is all we will ever be 
Memories sure to conjure up again like a demonstration
Triggered over time from the hearts gentle manifestations
As I sat in my van at a near by park 
With some country rock playing in the dark
I saw the same couple from earlier that I mentioned before
I watched them hug and it ignited a memory I couldn't ignore
I started to reminisce of a time way back when
The one that got away from me way back then 
It's kinda like recalling a sweet sadness 
Or like living in a beautiful madness
I guess we all have those memories ones we don't let go
Knowing deep down we should if we want to grow
Like a childish act we hold on to them with a strong grip 
So we can visit memory lane on any given trip 
It's just an enchanting moment in time that I recall
It's nothing really significant at all
I was working late on friday afternoon 
Hoping to finish up soon
I was at the front of a shop 
I didn't see the car she was in stop 
Then behind my back I heard my name said 
As I turned around I'm pretty sure my face went red
I couldn't believe it was her standing there 
It must have been well over a couple of years
Only she could made me feel the way I do 
I thought to myself for sure I'd gotten over you
We exchanged pleasantries but the whole while
I was thinking to myself how I missed her smile
Her eyes only got more beautiful
Mesmerising and loveable 
Butterscotch hair with beauty in and out
Her smouldering eyes could always make me melt
I remember there being an awkward silence 
There was an excuse in our defence
Sitting in her car was a bunch of her friends 
I think one may have even been her boyfriend
I didn't say what I wanted to say I was way too shy
I wish I was who I am today, but I wasn't that guy
She was excited like finding out you won a prize
There was a certain aura glowing from her eyes 
It was one of those situations where words failed me that day
She said it was really great to see me before driving away
As I told you before it's not really significant at all
Just a fleeting memory that I sometimes like to recall
It was if she knew somehow it would be our last goodbye
She could of told her friends to carry on but I wonder why
Why she made them stop and why she didn't carry on past
Wishing I could of told her my feelings or had the gall to ask
Did she still have feelings and that's why she had to stop 
One last chance to see if there was any hope or not
Every now and then I wonder to this day 
As my mind replays her been driven away 
It was something in her wave and the look in her eyes
I guess over time I've been known to over analyse
I guess that's why we choose to never let go
Certain memories we surround with a passionate glow
To keep alive for whatever reason
Growing fonder by the season
A love that will never dim, never fade
A memory we ain't willing to trade
Forever engraved into the fabric of our heart
I guess keeping these memories alive ain't too smart 
She was sitting in the back seat and turned back to wave 
In that notion was it goodbye or her moment to save
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Comments (16)

  1. gramm

    “A Chance Meeting”. OH BOY, did this happen to me last year. The huge controversial relationship in high school. Both of us at my nephews wedding. He was polite enough to ask my husband if he could come up and say hi. Unhuh, RIGHT! Like WTF???? I can’t figure out why he said yes. Hubby Flipped a cork, turned into the fight of the century. Would I have done the same? No, cuz I would of said, “talk to that bitch, and die” LMAO. Well, only if she was prettier or had a better body…hahahaha! Anyway, I found graduation pictures the other day and I have a hard time throwing them away. People paid good money for these things. What to do? Either way, I don’t get the extreme jealousy after all these years!

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahaha holey hell haha what an interesting story you told haha yeah I’ve got a reunion coming up in June but for some matters like that I’m thinking of not going hahah just let it be the past although I’d like to go but in that some token no I wouldn’t hahah
      Hahah a fight you say haha wow what a crack up lol
      Yeah there are some photos I just could never part with
      Thanks for always commenting you make me laugh

      January 06, 2016
  2. SEC

    sometimes one has to clear the decks of “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” in order to move on

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Yeah your not wrong there haha it’s taken a while for me to have cleared the decks as you say, for a while there I was refurbishing them hahaha but realised one day what the hell am I doin, I guess I like to recall the past sometimes , just don’t want to stay there for too long or I start to
      Thanks for commenting always a pleasure

      January 06, 2016
  3. morningafter7

    We can’t help who we love, wonderwall. I’ve finally decided that, after much contemplation. We can’t just let go of memories and feelings that are so strong, part of us. I say – cherish the feelings and memories that someone has left you with, but also be open to the new. Another wonderful story poem, btw!! ;-)

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Hi MA7 yes exactly I’ve learnt that lesson too what will be will be as they say , yes I think I use to cherish memories a little too much haha, although over these last few years I’ve learnt to just be content with all I have not what I could of had ,
      I’ve finally learnt to let go lol
      Just reminisce sometimes but only sometimes haha
      Thanks for reading as always and your opinions too it’s my privilege

      January 06, 2016
  4. boops222

    Oh man, I can so relate on this…

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Hahaha hi yeah funny how the memory never forgets the little things , it freezes the moment and preserves it like it was yesterday
      Thanks for reading and commenting

      January 06, 2016
  5. cjb321

    “Certain memories we surround with a passionate glow” I love those words. Very good, as always.

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting as always
      I know looking forward is what we have to do , but looking back occasionally ain’t all that bad either
      Thanks as always

      January 06, 2016
  6. starsinhereyes

    I have tried to deny it on more then one occasion but I think sometimes no matter where we are in life even if we are still over joyed with what we actually have there is still always that one who got away or meant more then anything to us . This my friend was a sweet write and there is nothing wrong with you taking a look back and remembering , that is why they are called memories so keep them in your heart and bring them out now and then

    January 06, 2016
    1. wonderwall79

      Yes yes yes indeed the past will forever be part of us whether we accept it or not
      Your so right my friend thanks as always
      It means a lot

      January 06, 2016
      1. starsinhereyes

        you are very welcome as always

        January 06, 2016
        1. wonderwall79

          January 06, 2016
          1. starsinhereyes

            January 06, 2016